Action Games

  • Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
    Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
    Played 2092 times

    Join the battle in the Fighting Arena with Sir Scarow at your service. A quest for the riches for the survival of the fittest soul will have you fight against creatures of old. Or you could be taken to the training room to improve your strength by hitting the apples thrown at you. Create your own gladiator style look and get ready to cross swords with a stinging mosquito or even a blind mole.

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3
    Played 11056 times

    The action is intense in this multiplayer online game. Challenge opponents from across the globe while you fight to find powerful weapons and take them out, one by one!

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 134948 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • Warbanner
    Played 44762 times

    The time for war has come and you need to raise both your army and settlement! Train your troops and recruit more powerful units as your own settlement grows and flourishes with new buildings that will aid you in your defense. Watch as the troops you have trained take down enemy forces and towns in this most epic online strategy game, Warbanner!

  • Takeover
    Played 5777 times

    Bring glory and peace to the empire once more—to battle!

  • Kingdom Rush
    Kingdom Rush
    Played 4697 times

    Play Kingdom Rush Tower Defense Game Online Full Screen On A10

    Played 9256 times

    Make that glow-snake grow with all the glow-balls you can munch! But watch out for the other snakes (controlled by real live players) in this multiplayer online take on the classic Snake game.

  • Ace Gangster
    Ace Gangster
    Played 3834 times

    This bloke is new in MadAlley City. Perhaps you could show him around and help him become a gangster?

  • Shoot'M
    Played 9108 times

    Can you shoot the clever, jumping and dodging stickman? Earn money for a cold blood upgrade of your weapons arsenal. Aim and fire with 30 different weapons to choose from. Explosive fun!

  • New York Taxi License 3D
    New York Taxi License 3D
    Played 1939 times
  • Cube Crash
    Cube Crash
    Played 10156 times

    Click on the groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them and score points!

  • Combat Reloaded
    Combat Reloaded
    Played 4282 times

    Will you fight for the blue team or the red team in this intense multiplayer action game? Grab a gun and get ready to duck behind barriers and hide around corners while you take aim at the other players.

  • Bowling Mania
    Bowling Mania
    Played 9020 times

    Strike! Use your bowling skills to knock all the pins down!

  • Wrestle Jump
    Wrestle Jump
    Played 7220 times

    These wacky wrestlers have had a little too much fun in the sun.

  • Mexico Rex
    Mexico Rex
    Played 1822 times

    This mighty T-Rex is on the loose, but it has a Gatling gun attached to make it even more dangerous! Stomp around, eat soldiers, and destroy vehicles with your weapons in this fun arcade game!

  • Super Santa Shooter
    Super Santa Shooter
    Played 13108 times

    Santa's scared of heights: help him get up on the rooftop!

    Played 10013 times

    Imagine if Snake went social... Now you don't have to! Take over the board one block at a time while avoiding attacks from other live players. Can you claim the whole grid for your color before someone else does?

  • Dinosaurs and Meteors
    Dinosaurs and Meteors
    Played 1737 times

    These dinos are defending their land from tons of meteors. Can you help them blast each one to bits?

  • Bowman 2
    Bowman 2
    Played 2564 times

    Find out who is the best archer in the entire world in this intense archer game, Bowman 2! Fight against either the computer or your friend!

  • Governor of Poker
    Governor of Poker
    Played 10929 times

    In the Wild West, the cards are the law.

  • Super Mechs
    Super Mechs
    Played 1721 times

    Fighting is very different with gigantic guns for arms.

  • Fortz
    Played 2680 times

    The enemy is about to begin an airstrike. Quick, get to the fort and defend it!

  • Raze 3
    Raze 3
    Played 3035 times

    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons—it’s time to take on aliens, robots and more!

  • Sniper Team
    Sniper Team
    Played 4435 times

    When the going gets tough, there is only one team to join: the Sniper Team.

  • Wormax io
    Wormax io
    Played 30511 times

    This epic io game is a total feeding frenzy! Take control of a glow worm and see if you can outlive, outlast and out-eat all of your opponents.

  • Zombies Star War
    Zombies Star War
    Played 7528 times

    As if attacking the garden wasn’t enough, these zombies have taken to the skies and beyond to bring about destruction to your peaceful life. Fight them back and win!

  • Steampunk Tower
    Steampunk Tower
    Played 2834 times

    Hello, old chap! Dust off your monocle and your favorite top hat. It's a wonderful day for a battle.

  • Scratch Wars
    Scratch Wars
    Played 1257 times

    Get ready for one of the best adventure games out there on the browser, Scratch Wars! Fight against Darth Vader and his minions as you journey through the Death Star.

  • Art of Free Fight
    Art of Free Fight
    Played 2333 times

    Get ready for an epic fighting tournament in this steel cage ring. Choose from a group of fighters from all around the world. Will you make it to the final round in this online game?

  • Plazma Burst 2
    Plazma Burst 2
    Played 3124 times

    Modify your suit and get ready for your next mission. The fight for the fate of your planet is continuing.

  • Jinx
    Played 3095 times

    Poor Jinx is trapped inside a strange house! Help him break out!

  • Age of War
    Age of War
    Played 3448 times

    Try to survive and destroy the enemy base.

  • Army Recoup Island
    Army Recoup Island
    Played 4283 times

    After an attack while on training, you’re stuck in the middle of enemy territory and have to do what you can to survive! Ready your gun in Army Recoup Island!

  • Bomb It
    Bomb It
    Played 3508 times

    Blow up your opponents by placing bombs. A Bomberman game with random levels!

  • Heliwars
    Played 1932 times

    Seek and destroy...

  • Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Played 26990 times

    Mutilate various ragdolls using a large selection of destructive tools such as BB guns, electro pulses, blasts, bullets and much more in this fun virtual physics game!

    • Bomb It 6
      Bomb It 6
      Played 5167 times

      Ready your bombs, and may the best bot win...

    • Plazma Burst
      Plazma Burst
      Played 2274 times

      The future depends on you changing the past….

    • Apple Shooter Champ
      Apple Shooter Champ
      Played 4050 times

      Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

    • Ricochet Kills 4
      Ricochet Kills 4
      Played 1415 times

      You’ll need to use the awesome power of physics in order to defeat this latest batch of criminals. Use your shooting skills to take them out, one by one, in this online game.

    • Anime Star Fighting
      Anime Star Fighting
      Played 2100 times

      The stars of animation come together with one purpose: last man standing…

    • De-Stress
      Played 4162 times

      When the going gets tough, the tough smash their cellphones.

    • Strike Force Heroes 2
      Strike Force Heroes 2
      Played 3891 times

      Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

    • Bomber at War 2: Battle For Resources
      Bomber at War 2: Battle For Resources
      Played 2001 times

      Strap yourself in for the ultimate dogfight: it's you or them!

    • The Last Shelter
      The Last Shelter
      Played 1800 times

      Humanity’s greatest hope for survival is a planet filled to the brim with vicious aliens. How typical!

    • Speed Dating
      Speed Dating
      Played 10993 times

      Speed dating is hot! Try to get as many dates as possible in record time!

    • Day D: Tower Rush
      Day D: Tower Rush
      Played 8019 times

      This time-travelling professor is going to get eaten by dinosaurs if you don’t help him out and fast!

    • Sniper Assassin
      Sniper Assassin
      Played 2747 times

      He may look like an ordinary stick man but he’s one of the world’s deadliest killers.

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