All Bubble Shooter Games

Shooting games don't have to be violent. In this category, you'll definitely get to test your skills. Instead of targeting humans or various living creatures though, you''ll get to take aim at a never-ending onslaught of bubbles or other floating objects! Choose an art style, any style, or your favorite color scheme and get popping! Or, instead of bubbles, shoot at furry Woobies, genie jewels, candy and nuts, monster heads, or totems. Bubble up some trouble as a witch or a sorcerer. Play in tribal or jungle settings, or go adorable as a little mouse. Get seasonal too, with the excellent Halloween-themed Bubbleween, where the "bubbles" are the heads of vampires, Jack o' lanterns, bats, and more. Or shoot Christmas ornaments with a candy cane. There are even games that combine sports with bubble shooting, allowing you to, for instance, shoot by kicking soccer balls or throwing basketballs. You can even play in the world of some of your favorite film characters, like the crew from Big Hero 6. Find your favorite bubble shooter and save it to your profile. Then you can track it down again easily when you want to play it later. Also: remember to keep checking back here for all of the new free games that are added regularly!