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Mob Control

Mob Control, the popular app from Voodoo, is now available on web! Play the official version of this action game on our site! Collect as many people as possible to create an army, and send them on their way to topple the enemy.

How to play Mob Control

The goal is to assemble a large crowd to overpower your opponent’s crew. You only start with a few characters, but you can add more by picking the correct gates along the way. These gates subtract, add, or even multiply the number of characters you have. When you launch your troops from your cannon, they’ll start moving along the road and pass through any gates they come across.

Aim for the gates that give you the biggest advantage and watch your numbers grow! In some key points of the levels, you’ll face off against your opponent’s bases. Try to take their stronghold and their points! You can use the points you have amassed to build floating islands in between levels. These small dioramas feature all kinds of different buildings and landscapes.

When the gauge next to your cannon fills up, you can spawn a giant character. This yellow giant is more powerful and can help you conquer the bases! Do keep in mind that you lose your current characters when you move to the next base, so bear that in mind when you plan to release it.

Game controls

  • Click/tap and drag to aim the cannons and launch your mob
  • Tap and hold to build the dioramas between levels

Who created this game?

Mob Control was developed by Voodoo, and was first released as a mobile app before being ported to web. Voodoo is a French game studio known for titles such as Slice It All and Bounce & Collect - if you like Mob Control, you’ll love these games as well!

When was Mob Control released?

This game was released in January 2023.