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Poker 3

Poker 3 is a casual multiplayer game in which you can play Texas Hold’em poker against other online players. Can you make the best of a strong hand and conceal a weak one with a strategic bluff?

How to play Poker 3?

Enjoy social gameplay and create a custom avatar in this poker game by Goodgame Studios. In Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt two cards. These two cards are the ‘hole cards’, and they’re for your eyes only. The other players are not allowed to see them.

After the players have placed their initial bets, the dealer will then place three more cards open on the table. These are the community cards, which everyone can view. Players can then determine if these community cards (these first three are called ‘the flop’) add up to a strong hand combined with the cards they’re already holding.

After the flop, players can raise their bet, check, or fold to opt out. Then, the dealer will add a fourth community card, ‘the turn’. Players can now engage in a third round of bets, after which the player will deal ‘the river’: the fifth and last community card.

See if you can make a good poker hand with the cards on the table and the two hole cards in your hand. If you’re lucky, you might have a flush or a full house, for instance. But the cards in your hand aren’t everything. Poker is also a game of psychology and strategy. Is your bluff smart and solid enough to cover up a weak hand or conceal a strong one until the right moment?

Game Controls

Use the MOUSE to play.

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Who created Poker 3?

Poker 3 was created by Goodgame Studios.