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Xcross Madness

Play XCross Madness online for free and enjoy this free-roam motorcycle game! Ride your motorbike and discover four distinctly different settings. Reach top speeds and perform dangerous stunts. Explore the exciting sport of motocross in this realistic open world motorbike simulator.

When you’ve selected a setting, you can choose one of three different bikes; Racer, Police and Cross. 

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the motorbike. For a quick halt, press spacebar. When you need a speed boost, hold the shift key. Make sure you don’t end up upside down after a stunt! When you get stuck, you can press G to reset the motorcycle or R to reset the entire scene.

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Who Created this Motorbike Simulator game?

This game was created by JulGames.

When was this game first released?

This motorbike simulator was first released for web on December 21, 2018.