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Hot Dog Bush

Travel back in time in Hot Dog Bush and find out if you can turn a certain famous former politician's food cart into a successful business.

The year is 2009, and President George W. Bush has just wrapped up a troubled eight years in the White House. Now he needs to find a new job in this hilarious time management game. He's convinced that opening a hot dog cart in New York City will make him tons of cash. Surely that plan will work out better than his economic policies while he was still in office, right?

Team up with the former Chief Executive while he quickly prepares hot dogs and burgers for his new customers in one of two different modes. Join him in Career Mode and find out if you can turn his cart into a thriving culinary empire or set a new record in Speed Mode. He’ll be starting out in the Bronx but, with you helping him out, “Dubya” will be making big bucks with his cart over on Wall Street in no time!

How to Play Hot Dog Bush?

Hot Dog Bush is a humorous and challenging restaurant game. Tag along with former President George W. Bush while he tries to turn a small hot dog cart into a huge success! He’ll need to meet his daily profit goals, serve his impatient customers quickly, and more!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you work the grill.
  • LEFT CLICK to cook food, serve it to your customers, and collect their money.

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Can I Play Hot Dog Bush on Mobile?

Yes! You can help GW with his new gig after downloading the game from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Who Developed Hot Dog Bush?

Hot Dog Bush was created by