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Bubble Shooter Arcade

In Bubble Shooter Arcade you’ll need to shoot the bubbles quickly so they don’t reach the bottom line. This classic arcade game is a true staple and a great way to train your brain. Simple to learn but difficult to master - how far can you get?

How to play

Use the mouse or touch screen to aim and shoot the colored bubbles. Try to hit bubble clusters of the same color, as groups of three or more will be cleared from the playing field. New bubbles will appear in the playing field every fifteen seconds, so make sure you pop enough bubbles!

When you clear the bubbles quickly enough, the gauge will fill up and you can earn special rainbow bubbles that will make every color pop! When any amount of bubbles reaches the line at the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Who created Bubble Shooter Arcade?

This game was developed by Agame. The sequel, Bubble Shooter Arcade 2, was created by Softgames.

When was Bubble Shooter Arcade released?

This bubble shooter game came out in April 2023.

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