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Spooky Bubble Shooter

Step inside a dungeon in Spooky Bubble Shooter! Can you keep up with all the bubbles in this cute and creepy online game?

There's tons of them that keep floating out of the cauldrons down there. You'll need to destroy as many of them as you can in this bubble shooter game that will really help you get into the Halloween spirit. You can play it any time of the year though, of course!

Fortunately, there's a few boosters that will really help you. Find out what happens when you hurl a bomb at the bubbles or activate the death ray! Will you be able to get a spook-tacular high score?

How to Play Spooky Bubble Shooter?

Spooky Bubble Shooter is a puzzle game that will send you down into a dungeon to destroy a bunch of potentially poisonous bubbles. Pop them by putting them into groups of three or more. If they reach the line at the bottom of the screen, it'll be game over!

Game Controls

  • RELEASE THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch a bubble.

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Who Developed Spooky Bubble Shooter?

Spooky Bubble Shooter was created by Wanted 5 Games B.V.