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Bubble Fight IO

Prepare for battle in Bubble Fight IO! Team up with an adorable critter and find out how  many matches you can win while you play this multiplayer game.

You’ll be facing off against a single opponent in a battle arena full of colorful balls in this unique match 3 game. Fling a ball at them during each one of your turns. If you can create a group of three or more identical balls, they’ll fly across the arena and slam into your opponent!

How to Play Bubble Fight IO?

Bubble Fight IO is one part action game and one part puzzle game. Enter an arena and try to create batches of three or more identical balls that will collide with your opponent. The first player to run out of health will lose.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to throw a ball.

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Who Developed Bubble Fight IO?

Bubble Fight IO was created by Origaming Media.