Simulation Games

  • Strike Zone
    Strike Zone
    Played 17481 times

    Can you get an angle on the ball? Internet bowling doesn't get more realistic than this!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Played 29532 times
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Played 28541 times

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is open for business again. What could possibly go wrong? Find out how long you can survive the night shift at the dangerous pizzeria in this thrilling action game.

  • Water Ragdoll 2
    Water Ragdoll 2
    Played 4490 times

    Let your imagination run wild again in the sequel of the popular Water Ragdoll! Torture the locked up doll with various weapons, crazy new experiments, balloons, bombs and so much more!

  • Convertible car wash
    Convertible car wash
    Played 577 times

    Can you get this poor convertible car spotless again? At the local carwash, you can buff, wash, polish and repair broken windows in no time!

  • Shop Empire 2
    Shop Empire 2
    Played 1597 times

    Travel the globe and design some of the greatest shopping malls the world has ever seen.

  • My Cutesy Donut
    My Cutesy Donut
    Played 1637 times

    This donut could really use a little pizzazz. Could you add some frosting and sprinkles too?

  • Love Tester 2.0
    Love Tester 2.0
    Played 14019 times

    Are you and your crush perfect for one another? Discover the answer with this mystical machine...

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    Five Nights at Freddy's 3
    Played 14604 times

    Your next shift is about to begin at the pizzeria. Some new attractions have been added so you’ll definitely need to stay on your toes in order to survive another week of terror in this action game.

  • Airport Madness 4 Lite
    Airport Madness 4 Lite
    Played 5454 times

    You have the responsibility of making sure that all the planes land safely, even if the pilots aren’t good at landing! Make sure to try out the full version too!

  • Get Your Boyfriend
    Get Your Boyfriend
    Played 16729 times

    Have you got what it takes to catch a man and keep a man? Put your skills to the test!

  • Baby Animal Shelter
    Baby Animal Shelter
    Played 1169 times

    Pamper these bouncing bundles of joy—then release them back into the wild!

  • Farm Frenzy 2
    Farm Frenzy 2
    Played 22950 times
  • I want to be a billionaire
    I want to be a billionaire
    Played 9577 times

    Who wants to be a billionaire? If you think you have what it takes then open your doors for business now. Analyse the threats, risks, profit potential and let the cash roll in now.

  • Texas Hold 'em Poker
    Texas Hold 'em Poker
    Played 20990 times

    Watch your cards, make a good bet, and win everyone else's money!

  • Uphill Rush 4
    Uphill Rush 4
    Played 2496 times

    Can you survive this extreme uphill battle to the finish line?

  • Coloring Book Animals
    Coloring Book Animals
    Played 679 times
  • Douchebag Life
    Douchebag Life
    Played 851 times

    Work out to get fit and work to get paid in this amazingly fun casual browser game of a life time! Dress up to cover those hard earned muscles to score some chicks!

  • Cute Jungle Quiz
    Cute Jungle Quiz
    Played 960 times

    Get in touch with your wild side and discover your inner jungle-animal!

  • Horse Jumping 2
    Horse Jumping 2
    Played 2876 times

    You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!

  • TU-95
    Played 1892 times
  • Confuse Box
    Confuse Box
    Played 700 times

    Twist the wires to light up this puzzle…

  • Andy's Golf
    Andy's Golf
    Played 2262 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to get a hole in one? It’s not as easy as it looks. Complete the course!

  • Shopping City
    Shopping City
    Played 1356 times

    Milk the tourists for cash in this island-based sequel to the hit Diner City!

  • Douchebags Chick
    Douchebags Chick
    Played 1004 times

    Dress your best as a reject from a bad fashion trend in this funny and satisfying casual browser game. Go to work, buy the latest outfits, and put on your swag!

  • Theme Hotel
    Theme Hotel
    Played 991 times

    Build the perfect hotel for your guests from the ground up.

  • Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Played 1458 times

    Avie’s ready for the best birthday ever! Enter the bakery for that perfect birthday cake with juicy flavors and get Avie dressed up to be the centre of attention. Participate in various activities to celebrate Avie's birthday!

  • My New Room 3
    My New Room 3
    Played 3759 times

    This room is your very own blank slate. Go for it, girl!

  • Fever Frenzy
    Fever Frenzy
    Played 2310 times

    As a nurse, look after your patients, cure them, and earn money.

  • Pure Princess Real Haircuts
    Pure Princess Real Haircuts
    Played 32045 times

    What a crazy hair day! Help this princess to tame the wild hair affair and give her a style that will turn heads!

  • Paws to Beauty: Baby Beast
    Paws to Beauty: Baby Beast
    Played 1443 times
  • De-Stress
    Played 3419 times

    When the going gets tough, the tough smash their cellphones.

  • Love Makeover
    Love Makeover
    Played 3862 times
  • Centre Court
    Centre Court
    Played 2801 times

    Be a real pro and win the Wimbledon tournament!

  • Airport Control
    Airport Control
    Played 2743 times

    Working as an air traffic controller can be really tough but you’ll get the hang of it. Earn lots of cash while you make sure that all of the planes land safely in this time management game.

  • Survive
    Played 1940 times

    Just how long do you think you will last on an island, using only what you can find in order to survive? Find out in this thrilling game that will test your courage!

    • Harry The Hamster
      Harry The Hamster
      Played 2458 times

      Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.

    • Tattoo Artist 2
      Tattoo Artist 2
      Played 696 times

      Try to fill-up the tattoo in the given time in this electrifying sequal to the original tattoo makeover game! Show off your artistic iink talents!

    • Speedback
      Played 869 times

      Real American Football: strong-arm your way into the end zone!

    • Fish Resort
      Fish Resort
      Played 609 times

      Even fish like to go on vacation. Create a wonderful undersea resort for them.

    • Diner City
      Diner City
      Played 1862 times

      There's only room for one hit restaurant in this town, so keep the seats filled and edge out the competition!

    • School Bus License 3
      School Bus License 3
      Played 5115 times

      Get ready to pass a tricky school bus license test on this fun-addicting bus driving simulation game. Before you get the permission to drive a school bus, you nhave to learn and fulfill all sort of driving tasks

    • My New Town
      My New Town
      Played 1678 times

      Country, city, ocean, or space—where will your town building take place??

    • Queen Makeover
      Queen Makeover
      Played 9846 times

      This girl needs a makeover fit for a queen, but she needs all your expert help now!

    • Manicure Salon
      Manicure Salon
      Played 7259 times
    • PC Smash
      PC Smash
      Played 3431 times

      Fed up with your computer freezing? Now's the time to take out your frustrations.

    • Real Pool
      Real Pool
      Played 1611 times

      The ultimate goal of this game is to pot all solids or all stripes before you pot the 8-ball!

    • Penguin Diner
      Penguin Diner
      Played 8093 times

      Seat your customers, take their orders, serve the food and collect money.

You know what can sometimes be better than living your own life? Taking a break with a simulated life online. You can act out the normal day-to-day or try out something totally different. Experiment with a new career or hobby. Whatever you do, you'll get to control all the aspects of your simulated life. And, with a compressed timeline, you can make progress much more quickly than in the real world. Run a hotel or a car wash. Start a barbershop or a baby boutique. Help a woman deliver a newborn or become a venture capitalist. Cook and bake, sell your stock, or just kick back down by the pool. You can run any number of businesses in these time-management games, go shopping, or even run a farm. You can do them all while switching realities whenever your heart desires. When you find a world that you want to revisit again and again, save that game to your favorites so you can find it easily via your profile. Plus, don't forget to keep checking back here for all of the new simulation games that are added regularly!