Hospital Games

  • Sleepy Princess: Resurrection
    Sleepy Princess: Resurrection
    Played 1109 times

    <p>Oh no! This very sleepy princess is in the middle of a serious emergency! Can you help this paramedic quickly treat her condition before it’s too late in this medical simulation game?</p>

  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    Played 162605 times

    <p>As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?</p>

  • Ellie Hospital Resurrection
    Ellie Hospital Resurrection
    Played 4286 times

    <p>Ellie is in the middle of a very serious medical crisis that must be dealt with immediately! She’s in the emergency room right now. Can you help the doctor quickly revive her in this medical simulation game?</p>

  • Operate Now: Eardrum Surgery
    Operate Now: Eardrum Surgery
    Played 53046 times

    <p>Okay, doctor. Let’s get the patient to the operation room.</p>

  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 54165 times

    <p>Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?</p>

  • Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Played 19114 times

    <p>Get down to the OR, Doc! This young patient is experiencing chest pains and he needs your help...</p>

  • Cute Horse Hospital
    Cute Horse Hospital
    Played 14669 times

    <p>Turn that horse's sad little neigh into a happy whinny!</p>

  • Cute Farm Hospital
    Cute Farm Hospital
    Played 41717 times

    <p>Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.</p>

  • Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery
    Operate Now: Epilepsy Surgery
    Played 28635 times

    <p>Doctor, this patient needs an operation to end her seizures. Get to the OR on the double.</p>

  • Operate Now: Shoulder Surgery
    Operate Now: Shoulder Surgery
    Played 22922 times

    <p>Noah hurt his shoulder playing tennis. Now he needs your help getting it fixed, Doc.</p>

  • Soccer Doctor
    Soccer Doctor
    Played 1397 times

    <p>Put down that broom and pick up a scalpel. They need you out on the field, Doc!</p>

  • Cute Cat Hospital
    Cute Cat Hospital
    Played 10944 times


  • Cute Jungle Hospital
    Cute Jungle Hospital
    Played 9094 times

    <p>The patients in this hospital are fuzzy and wuzzy and they need your tender loving care.</p>

  • Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery
    Operate Now: Scoliosis Surgery
    Played 29914 times

    <p>Doctor, you’re needed in the OR. This patient is counting on you!</p>

  • Kitty Hospital Recovery
    Kitty Hospital Recovery
    Played 2423 times

    <p>This kitty was enjoying a day of rollerblading through the park when she crashed and landed in a rose bush. She’s pretty banged up. Let’s get her to a doctor's office and help treat her injuries in this cute medical simulation game.</p>

  • Sleepy Princess: Pregnant Check-Up
    Sleepy Princess: Pregnant Check-Up
    Played 717 times

    <p>This princess is going to have her baby in a few weeks. Can you help her make sure that her pregnancy is going well in this medical simulation game? She’s waiting for you in the exam room at the clinic right now.</p>

  • Operate Now Hospital Surgeon
    Operate Now Hospital Surgeon
    Played 19627 times

    <p>Now is definitely not the time for a coffee break, Doc! Five patients are waiting for you over at the hospital and they need your help. Don’t worry, your nurse just punched in and she’s waiting to assist you down in the OR. As always, things are very busy in the world of Operate Now, the popular surgery game series. Put on your scrubs and get to work, ASAP!</p>

  • Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Operate Now: Nose Surgery
    Played 17767 times

    <p>Doctor, this patient needs a vital operation, stat! Get to the OR on the double.</p>

  • Cute Pet Hospital
    Cute Pet Hospital
    Played 9321 times

    <p>Nobody likes to see their precious pets in pain!</p>

  • Dumb Ways to Die: Zany's Hospital
    Dumb Ways to Die: Zany's Hospital
    Played 2748 times

    <p>Each one of these crazy creatures is dealing with an emergency. Can you figure out what’s wrong with them in this wild medical simulation game? A few of them have swallowed not only trumpets but bowling balls too!</p>

  • Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
    Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
    Played 5717 times

    <p>Riding a reindeer seemed like a cool idea until he tripped and tossed this cool princess into a bush filled with thorns. Could you help treat her injuries in this adorable medical simulation game?</p>

  • Beauty Mommy: Accident ER
    Beauty Mommy: Accident ER
    Played 1452 times

    <p>Oh no! This poor mommy was in a bad accident, and she’s just arrived in the ER! Can you help treat her injuries in this online medical simulation game? You’ll need to check her heart rate, bandage her wounds, and more. With your help, both her and her baby should be okay.</p>

  • Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Played 12987 times

    <p>Surgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!</p>

  • Operate Now: Pacemaker Surgery
    Operate Now: Pacemaker Surgery
    Played 22232 times

    <p>Doctor, this patient needs an important operation on his heart. You know what to do, right?</p>

  • Sleepy Princess: Twin Birth
    Sleepy Princess: Twin Birth
    Played 439 times

    <p>It’s almost time for this princess to have her babies! Can you help make sure everything goes well in this medical simulation game? She’ll need to stay calm while she waits for the ambulance to take her to the hospital.</p>

  • Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal
    Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal
    Played 22821 times

    <p>It’s Alison’s first day at this very busy medical clinic. Can you help her while she learns the ropes? She’ll need to figure out how to treat each one of her patients while she keeps tabs on her colleague’s guinea pig. He keeps escaping from his cage and running around the waiting room!</p>

  • Operate Now: Ear Surgery
    Operate Now: Ear Surgery
    Played 8564 times

    <p>This young patient needs an operation to improve his hearing. Get to the OR on the double, Doc!</p>

  • Operate Now: Eye Surgery
    Operate Now: Eye Surgery
    Played 29388 times

    <p>Scrub up, step into the OR, and prepare for a life-changing operation.</p>

  • Operate Now: Stomach Surgery
    Operate Now: Stomach Surgery
    Played 19984 times

    <p>Get down to the x-ray room on the double, doc. There’s a patient who needs you.</p>

  • Soccer Doctor 2: 60 Million Dollar Lad
    Soccer Doctor 2: 60 Million Dollar Lad
    Played 10119 times

    <p>Better. Stronger. Faster. Can you build the ultimate soccer player?</p>

  • Operate Now: Appendix Surgery
    Operate Now: Appendix Surgery
    Played 9987 times

    <p>Doctor, a patient needs you in the examination room. Get down there on the double!</p>

  • Operate Now: Knee Surgery
    Operate Now: Knee Surgery
    Played 12896 times

    <p>This young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Get down to the OR on the double, Doc.</p>

  • Blonde Princess Hospital Recovery
    Blonde Princess Hospital Recovery
    Played 6318 times

    <p>Oh no! Rapunzel fell of her horse and she needs some serious medical help for her injuries! Can you help nurse her back to picture perfect health?</p>

  • Super Girl: Twin Birth
    Super Girl: Twin Birth
    Played 335 times

    <p>This superheroic mom really has her hands full in this medical simulation game. She’s about to give birth to twins! Can you make sure that everything goes well while she waits for the ambulance to take her to the hospital? She’ll also need your help with her adorable newborns.</p>

  • Amateur Surgeon 2
    Amateur Surgeon 2
    Played 2246 times

    <p>One of the world’s worst doctors is ready to come out of retirement. The results could be deadly fun.</p>

  • Operate Now: Dental Surgery
    Operate Now: Dental Surgery
    Played 18965 times

    <p>Oh no! It's all fun and games until someone chips a tooth. Time to go to the dentist...</p>