Concentration Games

  • Dog Mahjong
    Dog Mahjong
    Played 51223 times

    Line up your favorite breeds in this puppy puzzler.

  • Word Bird
    Word Bird
    Played 7948 times

    This wordy birdy has created an awesome challenge for you. Put your vocabulary and puzzle skills to the test in this online game. How quickly can you find each one of the words hidden in the grid?

  • Scary Maze
    Scary Maze
    Played 4569 times

    How steady are your hands when you’re confronted with a game that will have you punished for touching the walls? Find out in Scary Maze!

  • The Impossible Quiz 2
    The Impossible Quiz 2
    Played 1146 times

    It’s not called impossible for nothing…

  • Sudoku Classic
    Sudoku Classic
    Played 5336 times

    Take on this version of the classic puzzle game from Japan. How quickly can you fill in the 9 x 9 grid with numbers?

  • Checkers Classic
    Checkers Classic
    Played 3597 times

    Play against the computer or a friend in this online version of the classic board game. Jump over your opponent’s checkers and see if you can get yours in the crownhead.

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 1120 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

  • Piano Tiles
    Piano Tiles
    Played 2142 times

    Show off your skills on the keys. Just don’t hit the white ones!

  • Autumn Solitaire
    Autumn Solitaire
    Played 1133 times

    With cards piled up like autumn leaves, this new take on Solitaire lets you rake in the points a new way.

  • The Impossible Quiz
    The Impossible Quiz
    Played 5703 times

    Warning: this game may potentially contain offensive language and parental discretion advised for younger players. Try to beat this quiz by answering every question. It's as simple as that...or is it?

  • Little Shop of Treasures
    Little Shop of Treasures
    Played 7059 times

    This "hidden object" game will bend your brain and dazzle your eyes. Find your way to fun at the Little Shop of Treasures Deluxe today!

  • Basketball Stars
    Basketball Stars
    Played 1113 times

    Do you think you can prove yourself in the sports world of basketball? Do your best in this brand new online game, Basketball Stars! Use your cool basketball skills to become a pro!

  • Sailor Pop
    Sailor Pop
    Played 542 times

    Tag along with this pirate while he goes searching for lots of tasty fish. Can you help him bring home tons of trout and an entire shipload of salmon in this match 3 puzzle game?

  • Wallpaper Connect
    Wallpaper Connect
    Played 7396 times

    How quickly can you match up all of these pieces of wallpaper? Pair them up based on their colorful designs in this puzzle game.

  • Mahjong Classic
    Mahjong Classic
    Played 9082 times

    This game is truly for the Mahjong fans and for those who are interested in learning all about it! In Mahjong Classic, enjoy the best it has to offer!

  • Backyard of My Dreams
    Backyard of My Dreams
    Played 8628 times

    This patio could use some tender loving care. Help it become a relaxing mini oasis.

  • Strategic Tic Tac Toe
    Strategic Tic Tac Toe
    Played 887 times

    You’ve probably played this classic game before but never quite like this. Challenge a friend or the computer to a few rounds of this wild version of Tic Tac Toe.

  • Perfect Fall
    Perfect Fall
    Played 1486 times

    Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Hit the court and aim to win in this awesome sports game, Perfect Fall!

  • Word Search
    Word Search
    Played 21722 times

    Can you beat the clock in this classic word search game? It’s not easy and some of the words are very tricky!

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Played 4282 times

    There’s nothing quite like a jigsaw puzzle. Kick back and relax with the ones available in this online game. Its three different challenge modes are great for both new and experienced players.

  • Tetrix
    Played 892 times

    It's the classic block-building fun that everyone grew up with in faceted gem stone colors and style. Twist and turn and land your pieces to create and clear solid rows—bonus for clearing multiple at once. Just don't let the stack reach the top of the screen! The longer you last, the faster the game gets.

  • The Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon
    Played 1970 times

    Nicole and her family are visiting one of America’s greatest natural landmarks in this game. Can you help her find all of the hidden objects located in each of these corners of the Grand Canyon?

  • 4 in a Row
    4 in a Row
    Played 7707 times

    Play against the computer or a friend in this online version of the classic game. Can you link together four of your chips before your opponent does?

  • Escape the Wicked
    Escape the Wicked
    Played 2042 times

    Evil forces have been haunting Judith for a long time. Could the secret to her salvation be located in this old castle? Join her while she goes in search of the answer in this hidden objects game.

  • Apple Shooter Champ
    Apple Shooter Champ
    Played 4963 times

    Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

  • Order of the Full Moon
    Order of the Full Moon
    Played 1018 times

    The Black Wolverines, a mysterious gang, has been robbing houses in this area. They only strike when there’s a full moon. Join Wanda and Arthur as they go after them in this hidden objects game.

  • Epic City Builder 3
    Epic City Builder 3
    Played 1296 times

    Build a mighty metropolis or take on one of several challenging scenarios in this design and management game. Can you create the world’s coolest city?

  • Railway Scandal
    Railway Scandal
    Played 2063 times

    Anna, Todd and Mary are three workers at a train station where a murder happened last night. Join them as they launch an investigation in this hidden objects game.

  • The Ultimate Quiz Game
    The Ultimate Quiz Game
    Played 3535 times

    The Ultimate Quiz game brings the most cool parts of taking a quiz but with a better twist and way more fun! Have fun, be cool and smart! Pick the right answers, recognize celebrities, test your knowledge about cars, logos and cartoons. All this fun packed on the real Ultimate Quiz Game! Have fun and test your knowledge about popular topics on this addictive quiz game!

  • Unlockit
    Played 1420 times

    Aim to click on the dot at just the right moment to unlock the chain. Unlock the chain and collect coins. Perfect timing is the key to unlimited fun and success!

  • Little Shop of Treasures 2
    Little Shop of Treasures 2
    Played 6065 times

    The customers at this cute shop are a bit demanding, but you know how to handle ‘em, right?

  • The Ring
    The Ring
    Played 1399 times

    This game is a bit loopy. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Circle Pond
    Circle Pond
    Played 2247 times

    Jump in this speed boat and see how long you can keep the bouncing ball from hitting the shore.

  • Unite
    Played 6211 times

    Can you match up the numbered squares correctly in order to clear them off the board in this challenging puzzle game?

  • Midsummer Love
    Midsummer Love
    Played 3386 times

    This woman is deeply in love with her secret boyfriend Marco. Can you help her make her dreams come true at his uncle's fairy tale castle in Italy? She’s depending on you in this hidden objects game.

  • Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
    Silly ways to die: Christmas Party
    Played 3003 times

    It's the season to be silly! These crazy creatures found new ways to be dangerously jolly! Can you protect them to keep the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays alive?

    • Wonderland
      Played 12466 times

      What mysteries await you in these forbidden places? Are you brave enough to unlock their secrets?

    • Numbers in the City
      Numbers in the City
      Played 3837 times

      Explore the streets of this exotic city and see how many numbers you can find.

    • Unicorn 2048
      Unicorn 2048
      Played 3375 times

      How many magical animals does it take to make a unicorn? That’s a mystery that you can solve in this wacky and totally wild puzzle game. Link together chickens, piggies, monkeys and more until you create an enchanting steed.

    • Ancient Egypt Mahjong
      Ancient Egypt Mahjong
      Played 2937 times

      Take a trip through time while you give your puzzle skills a workout. Can you match up all of the tiles that are waiting for you in this challenging Mahjong game?

    • Devilish Hairdresser
      Devilish Hairdresser
      Played 1367 times

      Create devilish haircuts in this naughty hairdressing game!

    • The Desert Sun
      The Desert Sun
      Played 2002 times

      What secrets will you uncover beneath the sands of Tunisia? Join the adventurer Francois as he goes in search of the legendary Desert Sun in this hidden objects game.

    • Sparkanoid
      Played 1010 times

      These interstellar blocks could use some smashin’. How quickly can you turn them into space dust?

    • Crusader Defense
      Crusader Defense
      Played 1486 times

      The enemy is about to attack. Get your archers and knights in position and fast!

    • Snoring
      Played 1649 times

      The animals aren't amused by this sleepy elephant's snoring antics...

    • Classroom Joker
      Classroom Joker
      Played 1121 times

      Trouble is his middle name.

    • Words with Owl
      Words with Owl
      Played 669 times

      Complete the words with the letters given below, make sure they are in the right order.

    • Silly Ways to Die 2
      Silly Ways to Die 2
      Played 1413 times

      These crazy creatures can’t stop hurting themselves. Can you help protect them before it’s too late?