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Granny Horror Escape

Granny Horror Escape is a survival escape room game in which you’ve been kidnapped by the sinister creepypasta character Granny (Slendrina’s murderous grandmother).

After being knocked out, you’ve woken up in her grimy old house, and Granny wants to play a game… You have to find a way to escape, and you have only five days to do it.

How to play Granny Horror Escape?

Search for clues and figure out how you can use the items you find. You can view helpful information about any items you have collected, even if you have dropped that item earlier. Tap the list icon to view the clue list.

Walk through the house using the arrow keys, and use the mouse to look around. You can interact with items by pressing E when this icon appears on screen. Get close to items you want to interact with. To pick up items, move your cursor dot over them and then press E. To drop items, press the drop button.

How do you hide from Granny?

Watch out, because dropping things often makes noise. So will stepping on a creaky floorboard. When she hears you, Granny will start moving in your direction. If she finds you, she’ll knock you out. Hide from her by crawling under the bed, or get into one of the cupboards and close the door behind you.

You can also use the invisibility cloak, but you can use it only once. Tap on the cloak to become invisible for a short while.

How to defend yourself against Granny?

Granny is a supernatural being that can’t be killed. However, there are several ways to immobilize Granny so you can get away. Use items you find in the house. You can use a gun to shoot her, use a freeze trap to freeze her, or hit her with a tranquilizer dart, for example.

Each method will buy you some time, depending on the difficulty level: Granny’s recovery time is shorter in Nightmare Mode and Extreme Mode.

How do you unlock Guided Mode?

This game has multiple endings, which makes it very replayable. Tap the clue list and select ‘Endings’ for more information. Completing certain endings allows you to play the game in Guided Mode. This game mode will show you the perfect escape route. You can also unlock Guided Mode by watching an ad.

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Who created Granny Horror Escape?

Granny Horror Escape was created by YAD.

When was Granny Horror Escape first released?

This game was first released in May 2024.