Spelling Games

  • Bird Word Mahjongg
    Bird Word Mahjongg
    Played 812 times

    Create words as fast as you can in this wacky version of the classic board game.

  • Starts With
    Starts With
    Played 1438 times

    G’day, mate. Head to the Land Down Under and see if you can handle this wild word game.

  • King Blocks
    King Blocks
    Played 1991 times

    Lasso in the letters, cowboy—it's time to herd some words.

  • Worder
    Played 1509 times

    If you sort through this jumble of letters, you'll find word treasures!

  • Hangmalia
    Played 467 times

    Hangman just got a little more wild on this animal picture safari!

  • WordSpector
    Played 2689 times

    Every word you create becomes a clue that gets you one step closer to the mystery word!

  • WordStone
    Played 1418 times

    These words may be etched in stone, but that doesn't mean they can't be changed!

  • Dewordeca
    Played 402 times

    Are you a wordy wonder? Exercise your speedy vocab!

  • Linked
    Played 1136 times

    Churn out the words before this baby blows!

  • Hang Mau
    Hang Mau
    Played 554 times

    Use your hangman skills to save kitty Mau from bad luck and nasty fishes!

  • Alphabet Jungle
    Alphabet Jungle
    Played 1862 times

    The natives want to learn English. Throw as many words out as possible before they boil you in their soup!

Can you impress your friends with your word knowledge? Whether you would like to test your already top-notch spelling capabilities or want to improve them, there are games you can play for free in this category that will help you do just that. Improve your skills by combining letters in the jungle or on the beach. There's even a letter-centric version of Mahjong. Some of these games are as much mind-bending puzzles as spelling or general word games. In other more intense challenges, correct spelling is the only thing that can save your life! Find the type of spelling game that you like best and save it to your favorites so you can find it again easily. Also remember to come back to this page from time to time to see what sort of new games have been added!