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Shadow Ninja Revenge

A powerful enemy has just escaped in Shadow Ninja Revenge. Will you be able to defeat him once and for all in this action-packed ninja game?

A relentless monster has emerged from a decade of imprisonment. Even worse, he just burned your village to the ground and kidnapped your son! Now it's up to you to rescue him in this thrilling action game. Race through a kingdom full of fearsome enemies and malevolent magic as you slice and dice your way through everything and everyone that's standing in your way!

How to Play Shadow Ninja Revenge?

Set out on a mission to save your son from a rampaging monster and his minions in this platform game. Use both magic and a variety of weapons to defeat them during your quest.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS OR W, A, S, D to run and jump.
  • PRESS J to throw a shuriken.
  • PRESS K to launch a dash attack.
  • PRESS L to magically disguise yourself as an object.

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Who Developed Shadow Ninja Revenge?

Shadow Ninja Revenge was created by Hihoy.