All Hidden Object Games

Who's got the sharpest eye in town? If it's you, then you'll ace these hidden-object games. If it's not you, it's time to practice! Fans of Where's Waldo? are already quite familiar with how these games work. However, instead of just looking for a man in a striped shirt, you're usually looking for a whole bunch of different objects, each one blended more or less seamlessly into the scenery. There are hundreds of titles, with almost as many different settings, to choose from. Each contains stunning art, which can be in cartoon, painterly, or photo-realistic styles. Get style-focused in the Personal Shopper games, take on a moody mystery, or investigate a haunted house. You can solve forensic mysteries in Daily Witness and unlock a new piece of the case every day. Also in the category are plenty of spot-the-difference games, which offer you two side-by-side images filled with subtle differences for you to spot. There are also hidden-object games tailored to different holidays and special occasions too!