Doll Games

  • Family Dollhouse 4
    Family Dollhouse 4
    Played 5429 times

    Help this nice family of dolls decorate their big house.

  • Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker
    Sue's Chocolate Candy Maker
    Played 9226 times

    How many perfect candies can you make for Sue?

  • Bridal Boutique
    Bridal Boutique
    Played 4303 times

    It’s that time in your life when you get dressed for your own wedding and looking ever so lovely in Bridal Boutique! Make your wedding day special!

  • Dollhouse Makeover
    Dollhouse Makeover
    Played 1601 times

    Decorate this dollhouse any way you like.

  • Sue Beauty Room
    Sue Beauty Room
    Played 1271 times

    Oh no, Sue has overslept! Help her find her things and get ready for school in time!

  • Sue's Potato Farm
    Sue's Potato Farm
    Played 2843 times

    Can you fill these orders for fries from scratch?

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Played 36399 times

    Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and all of their deadly robotic friends are up to their old tricks again. How long will you last against them as they continue their rampage in this scary action game?

  • Dolly Bachelorette Dress Up
    Dolly Bachelorette Dress Up
    Played 2895 times

    Dolly is searching for a super cute outfit that will look great on her while she attends a friend’s bachelorette party. Tag along with her while she looks through all of these gift boxes for clothes and accessories in this dress up game for girls.

  • Sue's Cooking Game
    Sue's Cooking Game
    Played 1725 times

    How many soups can you prepare before time runs out?

  • Bake a Cake with Sue
    Bake a Cake with Sue
    Played 2442 times

    Can you figure out the right ingredients to bake each of these cakes?

  • Doll Collection Decoration
    Doll Collection Decoration
    Played 1346 times

    Tina is trying to get her impressive doll and toy collection in order. Will you help her find a place for everything?

  • Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Sue's Dating Dress Up
    Played 1514 times

    Sue is planning a date with a new boy--when should it be and what should she wear?

  • Sue's Clothing Maker
    Sue's Clothing Maker
    Played 2126 times

    Can you sew these cute clothes together correctly for Sue?

  • Sue Delivery Meals
    Sue Delivery Meals
    Played 1908 times

    Complete the meals with right ingredients and earn points.

  • Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Sue's Witch Magic Makeover
    Played 3963 times

    Can you find the right spell to transform the ugly witch into Sue?

  • Family Dollhouse 3
    Family Dollhouse 3
    Played 1757 times

    Decorate the house so the dolls feel comfortable.

  • Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Played 1278 times

    Give Sue the perfect make up makeover for her date!

  • Chili Con Carne: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chili Con Carne: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1983 times

    Sara’s feeling spicy today, so she’s cooking up some tasty Tex-Mex.

  • Sue's Tomato Farm
    Sue's Tomato Farm
    Played 1817 times

    How many ketchup bottles can you fill on Sue's tomato farm?

  • Sue Knitting Game
    Sue Knitting Game
    Played 1330 times

    Can you knit Sue's patterns in time?

  • Sue's Beauty Machine
    Sue's Beauty Machine
    Played 1288 times

    Pull the handle, mix body parts, and see the character created.

  • Dove Halloween: Dolly Dress Up
    Dove Halloween: Dolly Dress Up
    Played 207 times

    Tonight’s Halloween but this stylish girl has no idea what to wear. Could you help her put together a costume, and fast, in this online game for girls? There should be tons of cool stuff she could wear in these gift boxes.

  • Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Played 73 times

    Fix up this fairytale house for these fairytale creatures!

  • Fruit Doll Dress Up
    Fruit Doll Dress Up
    Played 31 times

    Choose one of these fruit costumes for this little doll.

  • Kawaii Doll
    Kawaii Doll
    Played 200 times

    Make her cute or make her crazy. We recommend crazy.

  • Magic Toy Factory
    Magic Toy Factory
    Played 171 times

    Aim your cannon, match 3 of the same bubbles and move your train to catch the falling toys.

  • My Russian Doll Dress Up
    My Russian Doll Dress Up
    Played 92 times

    Give these nesting dolls a look fitting of Mother Russia!

  • Stuffed Animal Decoration
    Stuffed Animal Decoration
    Played 73 times

    Get this toy shop ready for a swarm of kiddie customers!

  • Ragdoll Space Shooter
    Ragdoll Space Shooter
    Played 30 times

    Knock those Space Wolves out of orbit and protect the Rabbit Republic!

  • Red Dollhouse Makeover
    Red Dollhouse Makeover
    Played 996 times

    Help Red decorate her new apartment.

  • Tris VIP Dolly Makeup
    Tris VIP Dolly Makeup
    Played 240 times

    Are you ready to dress up this adorable doll? Have a look inside all of these gift boxes. Inside each one you’ll find tons of cool outfits and accessories. Can you give the doll a super cool style in this online fashion game for girls?

  • Witch House Makeover
    Witch House Makeover
    Played 347 times

    Give this witch family's house a homey feel.

  • Sue's Jigsaw Puzzle
    Sue's Jigsaw Puzzle
    Played 194 times

    Solve the jigsaw puzzles before the time is up!

  • Sue's Sneaky Snack
    Sue's Sneaky Snack
    Played 804 times

    Help Sue steal as many snacks as possible without getting caught by the teacher.

  • Ice Princess: Dollhouse
    Ice Princess: Dollhouse
    Played 3385 times

    You can explore and redecorate an entire dollhouse in this enchanting design game for girls. Where should the furniture go? Should the king’s bedroom have pink wallpaper? What sort of snowman should be built outside? You’ll get to decide all of these things and more.

  • Castle Doll House
    Castle Doll House
    Played 206 times

    Decorate the castle as if you were the queen herself!