Taxi Games

Nothing says "big city" like a taxi cab. OK, sure, there are also cabs outside of cities but we all know they're really one of the icons of urban life, from London's black cabs to New York City's yellow ones. Slip behind the wheel of your own taxi in the games that you'll find in this category. You won't need an expensive licenses or anything like that. In fact, these games are all free! The taxi rides you'll take here are a little wilder than what you'll find even in NYC. Use the highway and all the cars on it as your stunt-assisting obstacle course. Go gangster behind the wheel, or try to solve a mystery. However you want to drive your taxi, it'll come with way less traffic and much more crazy fun if you do it online. Plus, no plane tickets or cab fare are needed! Once you find a game that you like and want to play it again, just save it to your favorites. Then, the next time you want to pick it up, it will be easy to find via your profile. Just don't forget to check back on this page from time to time to find out what sort of new stuff has been added!