Boat Racing Games

  • Boat Simulator
    Boat Simulator
    Played 5326 times

    Driving a boat can be lots of fun, but operating a submarine or a gigantic battleship is even more awesome! Take each one for a spin in this 3D simulation game. They’re all fueled up and ready to go in this majestic lake.

  • Boat Drive
    Boat Drive
    Played 12534 times

    Steer your power boat in the right direction and outwit your fellow racers in this amazing 3D racing game! Explore narrow river bends and earn cash to splash on your brand new motor boat! This game should rock any racers boat!

  • Speedboat Racing
    Speedboat Racing
    Played 2797 times

    Fast paced action on water has never been so much fun...especially in a speedboat! Drive through the energy circles for extra boosts!

  • Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Played 1991 times

    As a commander of a pirate ship, you must destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure!

  • Battleboats.Io
    Played 9088 times

    Can you defend these waters? Join players from around the world while you battle for supremacy of the seas in this io game. Collect resources while you protect your base and blow up your enemies’ boats with powerful mines and awesome cannons.

  • Shipo.Io
    Played 756 times

    How long can you keep your boat afloat in this exciting io game? You’ll need to avoid the cannonballs that your enemies will be firing at you from all angles. See if you can send them to the bottom of the sea before they fill your boat with holes!

  • Speed Boat
    Speed Boat
    Played 1252 times

    Can you win first prize in this wild racing game? Zoom down each one of these canals and avoid the other boats while you blast your way towards victory and fame.

  • Circle Pond
    Circle Pond
    Played 3476 times

    Jump in this speed boat and see how long you can keep the bouncing ball from hitting the shore.

  • Wanderlust
    Played 1308 times

  • Boat Rush
    Boat Rush
    Played 3319 times

    The river in this action game is pretty dangerous. It’s filled with pirate ships, whirlpools and the occasional laser-powered barrier. But it’s also got tons of valuable coins and stars. So climb aboard this boat for an epic adventure in these dangerous waters. All that treasure awaits you!

  • Penguin Panic
    Penguin Panic
    Played 276 times

    The penguins are arctic priority number 1!

  • Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Played 7535 times

    You’re the foreman of New Jersey’s busiest port. Prove you’ve got what it takes to keep things running.

  • Dock It
    Dock It
    Played 1257 times

    Crazy about car-parking games? Then go bananas docking boats!

  • Park My Boat
    Park My Boat
    Played 586 times

    Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

  • Moby Dick
    Moby Dick
    Played 1599 times

    What’s it like being Moby Dick? Eat and swim to survive, and knock over boats to battle pirates!

  • Caribbean Admiral 2
    Caribbean Admiral 2
    Played 807 times

    Return to the high seas for another series of epic battles in this turn-based action game. Take command of your fleet and see how quickly you can make your enemies jump into their life boats. You’ll need to pick your targets carefully and use your ammunition wisely if you want to safely return to your port of call.

  • Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Played 954 times

    In space, no one can hear you yarr!

  • Ship Navigation
    Ship Navigation
    Played 309 times

    Navigate your ship through the maze to get to the next level.

  • Love at the Lake
    Love at the Lake
    Played 3768 times

    Board the boat and lock lips on the open water!

  • Jet Ski Rush
    Jet Ski Rush
    Played 14373 times

    Ride the tides with high-flying, water-fueled adrenaline!