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TicToc Nightlife Fashion

TicToc Nightlife Fashion is a dress-up game in which you can help the girl assemble five edgy looks for her social media followers. Can you get the maximum number of likes?

How to play TicToc Nightlife Fashion?

In each level of this fashion game, the girl has a series of special accessories and items of clothing she wants to show off to her social media followers. She’ll show you which make-up will get the most likes as well. Can you remember the items she’s shown you at the start of each round and find them in the clothing and make-up menu?

Tap the different tabs to view the mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow and other make-up. She also has a huge collection of wigs to choose from. Search the collection of tops, dresses, shorts, skirts, shoes, and accessories to find the items you need.

Some items will cost money to unlock, so make sure you get the ones your model needs before buying out other items you want to try on. At the end of each round, she’ll post a picture on social media. The amount of likes determine how much money will be added to your shopping budget for the next round.

Game Controls

Use the MOUSE to select the make-up, clothing, and accessories.

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Who created TicToc Nightlife Fashion?

TicToc Nightlife Fashion was created by iclickgames.