Escape Games

  • Escaping the Prison
    Escaping the Prison
    Played 75422 times

    A cake just arrived in your cell. Could it contain some stuff that'll help you make a break for it?

  • Escape for Exam
    Escape for Exam
    Played 16676 times

    Can you solve all of the tricky puzzles and riddles in order to unlock the door and escape from the house?

  • Locked Shop Escape
    Locked Shop Escape
    Played 19260 times

    You’re found yourself in a locked shop. Is there any way to get out of there? Search for the hidden objects and clues that will help you solve the puzzles that will allow you to break free. If you stay focused, you’ll definitely get out of there in this online escape game.

  • Dragon Age Rider
    Dragon Age Rider
    Played 1687 times
  • Charger Escape
    Charger Escape
    Played 8007 times

    If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.

  • Alice The Chase
    Alice The Chase
    Played 2875 times

    How is Alice gonna get out of this jam? With your help, of course.

  • Magician Room 2
    Magician Room 2
    Played 6657 times
  • Container Flat Escape 3
    Container Flat Escape 3
    Played 2174 times

    The adventure continues. Can you find a way to escape from all of these shipping containers? Collect the items and clues you’ll need to make a break for it in this exploration game.

  • Escape From The Forge
    Escape From The Forge
    Played 3953 times
  • Abducted!
    Played 1360 times

    Escape from aliens and get yourself back to your home planet.

  • Creepy Basement Escape: Episode 2
    Creepy Basement Escape: Episode 2
    Played 9978 times


  • Cube Escape: Seasons
    Cube Escape: Seasons
    Played 2805 times

    Take a trip through time and explore a lakeside house where things aren’t quite what they seem...

  • Lose the Heat: Retro
    Lose the Heat: Retro
    Played 4257 times

    The cops are hot on your tail. Ditch ‘em on the double in this old-school racing game.

  • Tied Santa Escapes
    Tied Santa Escapes
    Played 4952 times

    Only you can rescue Santa Claus and help him on his way: can you save Christmas?

  • Brick Room Escape
    Brick Room Escape
    Played 2005 times

    You’ve just woken up in a strange room with brick walls. You have no idea how you got there. Can you collect the items you’ll need to make your escape in this mysterious point and click game?

  • Blue Warehouse Escape: Episode 2
    Blue Warehouse Escape: Episode 2
    Played 5578 times

    The adventure continues in this point and click game. Welcome to this creepy warehouse. Can you figure out a way to escape? Find the clues and tools that will help you make a break for it.

  • Brick Building Escape
    Brick Building Escape
    Played 4475 times

    You’ve just found yourself in a mysterious building. Break out of this room and see if you can find a way to escape in this online game. You can start by trying to figure out the combination for the locked cabinet in the corner.

  • Empty Room Escape
    Empty Room Escape
    Played 84917 times

    You are trapped In a empty room. A room that is almost completely empty. could you escape?

  • Clean Bathroom Escape
    Clean Bathroom Escape
    Played 54854 times

    It’s always nice to have a clean bathroom but getting trapped inside of one really stinks. Can you find a way to escape from this one in this online game?

  • Annabelle Mysteries
    Annabelle Mysteries
    Played 52188 times

    Find your way out of the house in this terrifying point and click escape game!

  • Evil Asylum
    Evil Asylum
    Played 17302 times

    Find the clues to solve the mystery in this absolutely dark and terrifying object finding game, Evil Asylum. What sort of evil is in here, waiting for you to find?

  • Escape the Car
    Escape the Car
    Played 41991 times

    You’re all alone in this intense and scary setting, stuck in a car at night…in the woods! Can you escape the car?

  • Killer Escape
    Killer Escape
    Played 18975 times

    You’ve woken up in a killer’s basement! Can you solve the puzzles to escape before he returns?

  • Living Room Escape
    Living Room Escape
    Played 18130 times

    You're stuck in this living room and there are clues hidden all around you. Have you got what it takes to solve all the puzzles in this fun online game, Living Room Escape?

  • Kids Room Escape
    Kids Room Escape
    Played 17503 times

    It’s a gorgeous summer day but you just got grounded. Can you escape from the bedroom by solving each one of the puzzles in this online game?

  • Escape Library
    Escape Library
    Played 18361 times

    Find a way to escape the library using items you find inside the room.

  • Freddy's Escape House
    Freddy's Escape House
    Played 104856 times

    How long will you survive in this dangerous house filled with fabulously freaky horrors? Do your best to avoid the many scary things that lie within it in this exciting action game. Here’s hoping that your flashlight doesn’t run out of power!

  • Family House Escape
    Family House Escape
    Played 33936 times

    It’s just a nice little house. At least that’s what it looks like on the outside. Can you find a way to escape from this dangerous suburban home in this challenging online game?

  • Money Movers 3
    Money Movers 3
    Played 25829 times

    This 2 theft are back on business and they need your help to escape from a maximum security prison. Collect all the money you can on your way out and avoid being catch by guards!

  • Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond
    Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond
    Played 3499 times

    The year is 1889 and this widower is desperately lonely. He lost his wife over a year ago and he’s still in mourning. Now her ghost haunts the halls of his manor. Can he return her to the mortal realm? Help him find a way in this mysterious and eerie point and click adventure game.

  • Escape the Prison
    Escape the Prison
    Played 11502 times

    You’ve been framed for a crime you didn’t commit. Now you’re stuck in prison. Maybe you can escape? Let’s find out in this point and click adventure game!

  • La Luna Hotel
    La Luna Hotel
    Played 38204 times

    You woke up and don't remember anything - find a key to your memory!

  • Boy Room Escape
    Boy Room Escape
    Played 13406 times

    Getting trapped inside of a bedroom really isn’t that much fun. Can you find a way to bust out of this one in this crazy escape game?

  • Doll House Escape
    Doll House Escape
    Played 41006 times

    You’re trapped inside of a room in a doll house. There must be a way to escape. Can you figure it out in this online game?

  • Escape From 26
    Escape From 26
    Played 8530 times

    Lilly just found herself trapped in a mysterious cage. Will she escape? It’s up to you...

  • Winter Hut Escape
    Winter Hut Escape
    Played 11231 times

    This hut on a majestic mountainside is hardly what you would call cozy. This is just one of the reasons why you should get out of there as fast as you can. Piece together the clues and find the items that will help you escape in this point and click game.