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Escape Out

This convict is about to make a break for it! Can you help him in Escape Out?

He's determined to sneak out of his cell and start digging a tunnel while the guard is distracted. He'll need to work fast in order to get to his escape vehicle in this prison adventure game.

There's also other convicts he knows who will join him while he's trying to reach freedom. Keep your eyes peeled for treasure chests and gems as well. Those will definitely help these crafty crooks fund their next crime spree!

How to Play Escape Out?

Escape Out will let you participate in a prison break. Team up with a fearless felon while he digs a tunnel in this escaping game. He's trying to reach his escape vehicle, find his friends, and collect lots of treasure along the way.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to begin digging.
  • USE THE MOUSE to determine which way the tunnel should go.

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Who Developed Escape Out?

Escape Out was designed by BPTop.