Boat Racing Games

  • Boat Drive
    Boat Drive
    Played 6231 times

    Steer your power boat in the right direction and outwit your fellow racers in this amazing 3D racing game! Explore narrow river bends and earn cash to splash on your brand new motor boat! This game should rock any racers boat!

  • Wanderlust
    Played 833 times
  • Boat Race 3D 2
    Boat Race 3D 2
    Played 460 times

    Head back to the tropics for another thrilling nautical challenge. Your boat is ready and waiting, Captain.

  • Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Played 2984 times

    You’re the foreman of New Jersey’s busiest port. Prove you’ve got what it takes to keep things running.

  • Park My Boat
    Park My Boat
    Played 415 times

    Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

  • Love at the Lake
    Love at the Lake
    Played 1067 times

    Board the boat and lock lips on the open water!

  • Max Mesriria RPG Part 1
    Max Mesriria RPG Part 1
    Played 21 times

    You might be a noob, but the ship captain's made it clear: sink or swim!

  • Yohoho Cannon
    Yohoho Cannon
    Played 77 times

    Arrrr ye gonna send 'em t' the deeps before they take yer ship outta the fight?

  • Jet Ski Rush
    Jet Ski Rush
    Played 2529 times

    Ride the tides with high-flying, water-fueled adrenaline!

  • Teddy Run
    Teddy Run
    Played 68 times

    Can you keep up the pace to ship out this troop of teddies on time?

  • Carrot Rescue
    Carrot Rescue
    Played 42 times

    Plunger gun? Check! Boat? Check! Unstoppable will to rescue carrots? Of course! Then, let’s do this!

  • DingDong
    Played 27 times

    Without the power bells, the magical music ship won't fly!

  • Friendship Bracelet Maker
    Friendship Bracelet Maker
    Played 26 times

    Better than an e-card, it's an e-bracelet!

  • MADsteroids
    Played 16 times

    It's your gun and your ship against the mad MAD universe.

  • Whooly 2
    Whooly 2
    Played 1311 times

    Whooly must rescue the spaceship from certain destruction…

  • The Champions 2 Euro 08
    The Champions 2 Euro 08
    Played 709 times

    The Euro Championship is within reach if your team has what it takes.

  • Paper Boat Blowing
    Paper Boat Blowing
    Played 22 times

    Can you get the boys to work together to prevent a paper-boat collision?

  • Zunderfury
    Played 1 times

    Choose your ship and shoot all enemies.

  • Penguin Panic
    Penguin Panic
    Played 513 times

    The penguins are arctic priority number 1!

  • Apollo Fighter
    Apollo Fighter
    Played 1 times

    Steer your ship, avoid the asteroids, and try to reach the Earth.

  • Ship Navigation
    Ship Navigation
    Played 46 times

    Navigate your ship through the maze to get to the next level.

  • Asteroid Dodge
    Asteroid Dodge
    Played 15 times

    Steer your spaceship and avoid the asteroids for as long as you can.

  • Base Defender
    Base Defender
    Played 28 times

    Shoot at the flying ships before they crash into your base.

  • Asteroid Runner
    Asteroid Runner
    Played 1 times

    Steer your ship and avoid the asteroids.

  • Vorlon Wars
    Vorlon Wars
    Played 18 times

    Steer your ship to collect all red items and avoid your enemies.

  • Areas
    Played 21 times

    Control your little ship and shoot at the balls to make them shrink and disappear.

  • Earth Defender
    Earth Defender
    Played 41 times

    Shoot down the enemy ships and missiles and defend the Earth from alien invaders.

  • The Explorer
    The Explorer
    Played 31 times

    Get your ship to the exit to go to the next level.

  • Asteroid Rampage 2
    Asteroid Rampage 2
    Played 23 times

    Steer your asteroid and destroy the ships by crashing into them.

  • Neon 2
    Neon 2
    Played 17 times

    Steer your ship and shoot all enemies.

  • Crimsonland Turret Defence
    Crimsonland Turret Defence
    Played 25 times

    Shoot the invading suicide bomber ships and stay alive as long as you can!

  • Guardian Popon
    Guardian Popon
    Played 23 times

    Throw bombs at the enemy ships to sink them.

  • Iron Ranger
    Iron Ranger
    Played 30 times

    Try to steer the spaceship through the labyrinth full of traps.

  • Azul Baronis
    Azul Baronis
    Played 21 times

    Pilot your space ship, watch the radar, and destroy the enemy forces!

  • Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Played 457 times

    As a commander of a pirate ship, you must destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure!

  • Sword of Orion
    Sword of Orion
    Played 33 times

    Control your spaceship, fight against enemies, and collect bonuses.

    • Bumpercraft
      Played 38 times

      Stop the chemical plant polluting the river by using your homemade hoovercraft!

    • Space Flight
      Space Flight
      Played 47 times

      It's your task to control the spaceship and abduct the creatures.

    • Dwarf on a Wharf
      Dwarf on a Wharf
      Played 22 times

      Throw the dwarfs onto the boat.

    • Raiden X
      Raiden X
      Played 141 times

      Steer your spaceship and destroy all of the enemies!

    • Airfox
      Played 244 times

      Use your blaster to destroy all of the enemy ships!