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World Puzzle

Travel around the globe in search of wondrous buildings, beautiful vistas, and bustling cityscapes. World Puzzle takes you on a voyage along a variety of famous landmarks, but the images are all scrambled up!

This slide puzzle deviates from the usual sliding tiles puzzle designs, since you do not move the individual squares. Instead, you can only move multiple tiles at a time. Untangle the images by moving the rows and columns of the picture until they match.

This might sound like a daunting task, but the game starts out easy. After a few levels, you’ll notice an increase in difficulty and intricacy!

Try your hand at this relaxing game with sliding puzzles in various countries on the world map!

Game controls

Use your mouse or touchscreen to slide the rows and columns into the correct slot.

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Who created World Puzzle?

This free online slide puzzle game was developed by 2Play.

When was World Puzzle released?

World Puzzle was released in January 2023.