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Whooo? is a casual puzzle game in which you have to guess the mystery person before your opponent can figure out which card you’re holding.

How to play Whooo??

You must find the mystery person through a process of elimination. Ask your opponent questions about the appearance of the person you’re searching for. Are they bald? Do they have green eyes? Are they wearing a hat? Each answer will allow you to remove some characters from the board until only the right one is left.

At the same time, your opponent will ask you questions to discover who’s on the card you’re holding. You must answer your opponent’s questions honestly. Make sure you guess your opponent’s mystery person first if you want to win the round!

Game Controls

  • Tap on a question or answer to select it
  • Characters who do not match the answer will be removed automatically

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Who created Whooo??

Whooo? was created by PuzzleGame. 

When was Whooo? first released?

This game was released on May 30, 2022.