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Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution is a run game in which you have to make your skinny stickman bigger and taller. Dodge the obstacles, because each one you hit will make your stickman shrink back down a bit. If he gets too skinny, he’ll break apart!

How to play Tall Man Evolution?

As you run along the path, you’ll see gates that will add width or height to your character. Watch out, because the red gates will make your running stickman lose height and weight.

Dodge the obstacles by swerving to the left or right and running around them. You can also run over the purple buttons, which will make your stickman leap over the obstacles.

Try to gain enough mass to crash your way through the gauntlet of hurdles at the end of each level. If you’ve collected enough mass to keep your stickman from shattering, you might even be able to take down the giant waiting for you at the end!

Game Controls

Use the mouse. Hold and move right or left to control your character.

Who created Tall Man Evolution?

Tall Man Evolution was created by YAD.

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When was Tall Man Evolution first released?

This game first appeared online on April 20, 2023.