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Anaconda Runner

Anaconda Runner is an arcade game in which you can slither across the obstacle course with your blue snake. Eat the blue beads and any snakes that are smaller than you!

How to play Anaconda Runner?

Use the mouse or your finger to control the snake as you slither along the obstacle course. Pass through the blue gates to make your snake bigger and stronger, and avoid going through the harmful red gates.

You can collect blue beads to grow bigger as well. Any snakes that are smaller than you will turn green, and you can eat them to increase the size of your snake. Snakes that are too big to eat will be red. You had better avoid those for the time being!

Collect coins to upgrade your snake’s starting stats. You can boost your starting length and your earnings. 

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Who created Anaconda Runner?

Anaconda Runner was created by YAD. 

When was Anaconda Runner first released?

This game was first released on April 11, 2024.