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Rabbids: Volcano Panic

Will you be able to keep your cool in Rabbids: Volcano Panic? Do whatever you can to avoid falling into the lava in this crazy multiplayer game.

You and your fellow Rabbids have just arrived on a majestic tropical island. There’s just one problem, though. It consists of little more than a gigantic volcano! You’ll find yourself on a series of very rickety platforms floating above a bubbling batch of molten lava. Use powerful boosters like hoverboards and bouncy vines while you avoid the ever-increasing amount of gaps. Can you prevent your fur from getting fried and rise to the top of the leaderboard in this action game? It's part of the super cute and totally awesome Rabbids series!

There’s also coins you can collect to trade in for different outfits between competitions as well as ranking bonuses. Those will help you unlock different modes that will really test your skills. The one where all the Rabbids burst into flames after eating too many chilli peppers is definitely challenging!

How to Play Rabbids: Volcano Panic?

Can you keep calm and carry on in this outrageous battle royale game? Avoid the lava for as long as you can while you bounce around a series of very rickety platforms and attempt to get your paws on a few helpful boosters. The last remaining Rabbid will earn lots of coins and a ranking bonus.

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to run.


  • PRESSING THE ARROW KEYS will also make your Rabbid run.

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Who Developed Rabbids: Volcano Panic?

Rabbids: Volcano Panic was created by Ubisoft.