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Devil Dash

Devil Dash is a diabolical skill game in which all kinds of sneaky tricks and traps hamper your path to the exit. In this hellish underworld, you can’t always trust what you see. A simple game, but so very tricky to master!

How to play Devil Dash?

Try to guide your demonic block to the gray gate marking the exit.

The path to the exit in each level may look straightforward and safe, but you never know what traps are hidden along the way… From shifting tiles and sudden drops to moving spikes and misleading treasures - nothing is what it seems.

You’ll need to think quickly and improvise at every stage of this underground journey. Just as you begin to get the hang of certain snares, some new devilish device will catch you out.

Even though it’s frustrating, you can’t help but laugh at the creative traps laid out for you in this game.   

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Who created Devil Dash?

Devil Dash was created by GM Media. 

When was Devil Dash first released?

This game was first released on June 26, 2024.