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Football Kickoff

How to play Football Kickoff

Use the mouse or touchscreen to kick the ball in between the goalposts. Take into account that the wind will have an effect on the ball’s trajectory. If you miss five times, your score is logged and the run ends. What’s the highest score you’ve achieved?

What’s the difference between football and rugby?

Football and rugby might look alike at first glance, as they use a similar ball. However, rugby teams consist of more players who wear less protection. Players in a rugby team also do not have assigned roles, whereas this is the case in American Football teams.

Football Kickoff, like the name suggests, takes place on an American Football field. You can play more American Football games on our site. Or check out our full sports games overview.

Who created Football Kickoff?

This kickoff football game was created by RavalMatic.

When was Football Kickoff released?

This game was released in October of 2023.