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Farm Match Seasons

Farm Match Seasons is a brand new match-3 game by puzzle game developer Softgames. Solve the smoothly designed tile-matching puzzles to advance along the winding path through the farmstead.

How to play Farm Match Seasons?

The aim is to line up 3 or more of the same icons. This way you can collect items and complete tasks around the farm. You can move items across the board by making two adjacent tiles swap places. Each move must result in a match, or the icons will pop back to their original position on the board.

At the start of each level, take a glance at the panel on the left side of the board. Here, you can see what items you need to collect, and how many moves you have left to complete this objective. Level goals include tasks such as clearing away stones and gravel from the gardens, collecting lost horseshoes, and gathering fruit and flowers.

Tips to get a higher score in Farm Match Seasons

Unlock boosters and earn bombs by creating bigger chains of four or five matching icons. You can also merge two adjacent bombs together to create more powerful explosions.

Try to complete each level with moves to spare. Remaining moves will be transformed into bombs at the close of each stage, causing a final cascade that will earn you lots of extra points.

Game Controls

  • Tap and drag the icons with the cursor to swap them around
  • Use you finger to slide the tiles on touchscreen devices

Who created Farm Match Seasons?

Farm Match Seasons was created by Softgames.

For other titles by this studio, try the popular games Solitaire Farm Seasons and Garden Tales. You can find our complete collection of titles by this developer on our Softgames catalog page.

When was Farm Match Seasons first released?

This game was released on July 24, 2023.