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These rubber duckies are ready to race! Head to the starting line in

You'll be going up against other players from all across the globe in an epic dash in this fun and hilarious io game. Watch out for puffs of steam and keep your eyes peeled for speed boosters along the way. They'll help you dominate this epic race across the bathroom. You can even dress-up your duck in cool costumes! 

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How to Play puts you in control of a rubber duck in a race down a water slide toward a bathtub full of warm water. Will your duck be the first one to cross the finish line, land in the tub, and earn tons of coins? 

Game Controls 

  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW or A to slide left. 
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW or D to slide right. 

Tips and Tricks 

  • Puffs of steam can help or hinder your duck. Use them to jump ahead, but be careful! 
  • Don't be afraid to hit the other ducks. That could send them flying off the slide!  
  • Speed boosters will help your duck pick up the pace, but it will also make it tougher to control. 

About the Game Developer was developed by DRA.