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Block TNT Blast

Block TNT Blast is a sandbox simulation game in which you can explore a 3D voxel landscape and plant bombs everywhere. Detonate them to blow things up and collect diamonds to unlock more powerful explosions.

How to play Block TNT Blast?

Wander around the voxel world looking for things to blow up with TNT. You can explore this expansive Minecraft-like environment and be creative. Blow up rocks and houses with TNT, or blast away the military trucks. There’s plenty of stuff to bomb with dynamite.

Blast away the blocks separating the different areas to explore further. Many blocks contain hidden diamonds. Collect them and use them to unlock more explosives, such as mines, and remote controlled detonation devices that have an even bigger blast range.

You can even stack the explosives to create a huge bang, or lay a trail of TNT that will blow up like a chain reaction.

How to blow up TNT in this Minecraft-inspired world?

Use the WASD keys to walk, and the mouse to look around or change direction.  

Use the J key or tap the circle marked “PUT” to place a TNT block.

The TNT will appear in the spot marked with the blue cross. If the transparent TNT box marking the location is green, this means you can place the block. If it is red, you are too close to the item you want to blow up. Move back a few paces until the block turns green.

To blow up the TNT, get close enough and hover the blue cursor over the TNT box. You’ll see a new button appear that says “BOOM!”. Tap it to blow up the block. 

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Who created Block TNT Blast?

Block TNT Blast was created by YAD. 

When was Block TNT Blast first released?

This game was first released on April 25, 2024.