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How to play Archery

In this online archery simulator, you can shoot arrows at a target consisting of ten rings. Use your bow and arrow to aim as close to the center as you can, as the middle rings give you the highest scores (10 and 9). From there, the rings count down, giving you fewer points.

When aiming for the archery target, keep an eye on the wind indicator, as this can affect your arrow’s trajectory.

Use your mouse or touchscreen to aim and release to shoot.

Did you know?

Archery is one of the earliest Olympic sports! It was first introduced at the Paris Olympic Games in 1900, which means that it has been an Olympic discipline for more than a century. In the Paris 2024 Olympics, recurve bows are used and the shooting distance for archery is always 70 meters.

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Who developed Archery?

This game was created by 2Play.

When was Archery released?

This online sports game came out in November of 2022.