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Apple Shooter Balloon

Apple Shooter Balloon is a skill-based archery game. Shoot the apples to pass the level. You’ll have to select the right type of arrow to overcome a range of tricky obstacles. Can you figure out which arrow will work best?

How to play Apple Shooter Balloon?

In this skill game, you have to pierce the apples with your arrows to complete each level. You can also pop balloons to earn extra points. Hit the arrow coins to collect additional arrows.

There are different types of arrows, and some are more suited to deal with certain obstacles than others. There are exploding arrows, rocket arrows, hammer arrows, and more. Make sure to collect enough arrows to keep playing. If you run out of arrows, you’ll lose the game.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to aim
  • Click to draw the bow and the power bar will fill up
  • Release to shoot the arrow when you’ve reached the desired tension
  • Tap on the different coins you’ve collected to switch arrow type
  • Tap on the magnifying glass and hold to zoom out, so you can see faraway targets

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Who created Apple Shooter Balloon?

Apple Shooter Balloon was created by Andrew Wolf.