Running Games

  • Paws
    Played 723 times

    If your bark is worse than your bite, you better stay away from these woods...

  • Run 2
    Run 2
    Played 908 times

    It’s all about movement in this fast-paced endless runner…are you gonna choose shoes or skates?

  • Robot Unicorn Attack
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    Played 1750 times

    Go on an enchanted battle adventure with this magical unicorn robot in this free and fun online game now.

  • Jump'It
    Played 751 times

    The success or death of free running all depends on the air you can score.

  • Free Running
    Free Running
    Played 468 times

    Collect the glowing icons while you run and jump across these dangerous rooftops. You’ll need to dodge barriers and leap over gaps to reach the end of each level. Stay safe while you blast your way through this urban sports game.

  • Give Up 2
    Give Up 2
    Played 488 times

    You’ll never make it out of this dangerous complex alive. You should probably just give up right now.

  • 100m Race
    100m Race
    Played 723 times

    It's time for some athletic competition! Are you ready take on the top track competitors in 3D in this realistic racing game? Work your fingers instead of your legs to keep your runner from falling flat on his face!

  • Prehistoric Shark
    Prehistoric Shark
    Played 756 times

    This jumbo-sized shark is really hungry today and could use a few caveman snacks.

  • Kawairun 2
    Kawairun 2
    Played 837 times

    Slide, roll, hover and jump your way to the finish line!

  • Summer Sports: Javelin
    Summer Sports: Javelin
    Played 665 times

    Chalk your hands, grab your javelin and get ready to compete for that gold medal! A perfect combination of precision, power, and timing is required to nail that perfect throw and crush your opponents in this olympic-inspired simulation. Combine in a tournament with other Qlympics games to become the ultimate champion!

  • Crossy Temple
    Crossy Temple
    Played 4422 times

    Get ready for an epic adventure straight out of the world of Crossy Road. Can you complete this temple run?

  • Skate Hooligans
    Skate Hooligans
    Played 1667 times


  • Tomb Runner
    Tomb Runner
    Played 2119 times

    How far can Professor Jones keep running in the adventures of Tomb Runner? Run, jump, slide, rush and surf through, over and under various obstacles through temples, exotic landscapes, bridges and subways while you collect precious gems, special powers and coins. Unlock cool characters like Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, the hip Disco Dancer and so much more! Endless running fun!

  • 3 Pandas
    3 Pandas
    Played 1008 times

    Don’t let the poachers get their paws on these poor pandas!

  • Papa Louie
    Papa Louie
    Played 1107 times

    Collect gold coins and pizza, watch out for monsters and free your friends!

  • Valerian Space Run
    Valerian Space Run
    Played 19437 times

    Join Valerian and his fellow agents for a mad dash through Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets. They’re going in search of tons of precious coins but there’s lots of dangerous barriers, immense gaps and other hazards that they’ll need to avoid while they run, jump and slide through the intergalactic metropolis. Can you keep them from falling to their doom in this intense action game based on the sci-fi blockbuster from director Luc Besson?

  • Dropple
    Played 24 times

    Sick of his day job, Dropple hits the streets in search of some quick cash.

  • Fold
    Played 18 times

    Create an anomaly, get to the exit, and score points.

  • Grandpa Run 3D
    Grandpa Run 3D
    Played 145 times

    This grandfather is fast on his feet and he’s making a break for it! Can you help him avoid his enemies while he dodges cars and collects coins in this running game?

  • Insomnia
    Played 114 times

    Get ready for an action packed adventure in this amazingly fun 2D browser game, Insomnia! It’s up to you to save the world from the forces of evil.

  • Last Deliver
    Last Deliver
    Played 17 times

    Must Deliver is an endless zombie-avoider with a twist! The only way that this guy is going to escape from these monsters is with your help. Oh, and baseball bat too!

  • Manifold
    Played 28 times

    Help Manifold get to the exit by using anomaly balls!

  • Miami Shark
    Miami Shark
    Played 189 times

    This super shark is super hungry! Help him take a big bite out of The Magic City.

  • Nightmare Kingdom
    Nightmare Kingdom
    Played 30 times

    Bad Cheese + Bad Horror = Dreamy Horror Remix!

  • Orange Runner
    Orange Runner
    Played 21 times
  • Panda Dancing
    Panda Dancing
    Played 1 times

    A panda's gotta learn to ride life's spinning wheels if he wants to reach the top!

  • Move on Up!
    Move on Up!
    Played 110 times

    Let Rave Dog fly to the beat of the music.

  • Mr. Chicken
    Mr. Chicken
    Played 50 times

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Don't let Mr. Chicken turn into Mr. Chicken paté.

  • Panda Run
    Panda Run
    Played 37 times

    Join Panda on a mad dash to collect jewels and clear the jungle—you’ll bear-ly make it out alive!

  • Panik in Suburbia
    Panik in Suburbia
    Played 28 times

    Guide Panik through the 3 perilous areas, avoiding the dangers lurking throughout.

  • Rapid Rabbit Rush
    Rapid Rabbit Rush
    Played 25 times

    This brave bunny is going in search of lots of carrots. Help her avoid the barriers and slide under the fences while she collects useful power-ups and all those tasty veggies too. Can you keep her safe in this cute running game?

  • Run Panda Run
    Run Panda Run
    Played 18 times

    Panda’s out for lunch, but he’s in a real hurry…how far can you make it before he bails?

  • Runner Bot
    Runner Bot
    Played 39 times

    This droid is racing for his robotic life. Only you can help him make it to freedom.

  • Toxic Jump
    Toxic Jump
    Played 18 times

    In the toxic morass beneath a gloomy canning factory, one veggie attempts a brave escape…

  • Vex
    Played 67 times

    You’d better keep your wits about you…it’s a dangerous world out there for a stickman!

  • Pendulumeca
    Played 21 times

    Try to reach the end of the level and set a new record!