• Ellie and Eliza: Wedding Crashers
    Ellie and Eliza: Wedding Crashers
    Played 299 times

    Ellie and Eliza are totally bored this weekend. That’s why they’ve decided to crash a wedding. But they’ll need the perfect outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to guarantee that they won’t get caught. Are you up for the challenge? Help them decide what to wear in this dress up game for girls.

  • Spotlight on Princess: Teen Fashion Trends
    Spotlight on Princess: Teen Fashion Trends
    Played 72 times

    This princess writes a popular blog about clothes and trends. Now she’s making a guest appearance on a TV show that’s all about fashion in this online dress up game for girls. Could you help her choose a cute outfit and tons of awesome accessories to go with it before she heads to the studio?

  • Spaceship Escape
    Spaceship Escape
    Played 588 times

    This complex spaceship has become dangerous and it’s time to evacuate. Can you find your way to safety in this hidden objects game? Collect the items you’ll need to make your escape and solve puzzles along the way.

  • Free Rally
    Free Rally
    Played 2791 times

    How will you compete in this crazy racing game? Jump behind the wheels of everything from dune buggies to minivans before you perform epic stunts and fly over the edge of off-ramps.

  • Dream Careers for Princesses
    Dream Careers for Princesses
    Played 125 times

    Each one of these princesses is searching for a career that doesn’t involve hanging around their castle all day. One wants to be a supermodel and another has always dreamed of becoming a graphic designer. Can you help them choose some professional outfits and accessories before they start their new jobs in this online dress up game?

  • Lumi
    Played 49 times

    How long can you keep this powerful glowing orb from being destroyed in this illuminating action game? Activate the lights around it in order to keep it safe from its dangerous enemies.

  • Roblox
    Played 11975 times


  • Bread Delicious
    Bread Delicious
    Played 822 times

    This busy baker is trying to collect all of the ingredients she needs to make the perfect loaf of bread. Can you help her find everything her recipe calls for in this delightful match 3 puzzle game?

  • Animal Jam
    Animal Jam
    Played 9317 times

    Animal Jam

  • Thai Holiday: Traditional vs. Modern
    Thai Holiday: Traditional vs. Modern
    Played 157 times

    This stylish girl is exploring the history of Thai fashion during her vacation. You can join her while she tries on a few unique outfits from the past and some awesome modern ones, too. Can you help her decide what to wear first in this online dress up game for girls?

  • Better Than Chess
    Better Than Chess
    Played 766 times

    You can challenge a friend, an online opponent, or just the computer in this 3D chess game. But that’s not all! You can set up intense time limits for each move and more. Will you lead your pieces to victory or watch your king get captured instead?

  • Princesses: Talk Show VIP
    Princesses: Talk Show VIP
    Played 74 times

    These three princesses have been invited to appear on one of their kingdom’s most popular talk shows. What will they discuss in this dress up game for girls? They’ll worry about that after they choose some awesome outfits that will help them look totally perfect on TV.

    Played 14 times

    The hunt is on in this intense io game. You'll be competing against gamers from all around the world while you fight mysterious monsters, collect power-ups, and attempt to keep your quiver full of arrows.

  • Boat Rush
    Boat Rush
    Played 102 times

    The river in this action game is pretty dangerous. It’s filled with pirate ships, whirlpools and the occasional laser-powered barrier. But it’s also got tons of valuable coins and stars. So climb aboard this boat for an epic adventure in these dangerous waters. All that treasure awaits you!

  • Princess Social Media Butterfly
    Princess Social Media Butterfly
    Played 37 times

    Anna wants to share some of her happiest moments and coolest outfits on social media in this online game for girls. Can you help her choose the best ones to wear from her closet while she gets ready for tons of amazing get-togethers with her friends?

  • Nights Within Zombies
    Nights Within Zombies
    Played 80 times

    How long can you last against these endless waves of zombies? Defend a ragtag group of survivors with every weapon you can get your hands on in this relentless action game.

  • Cat vs Dog Puzzle
    Cat vs Dog Puzzle
    Played 3554 times

    Try these cute and fluffy cat vs dog jigsaw puzzles for endless fur and fun!

  • Gin Rummy Plus
    Gin Rummy Plus
    Played 120 times

    Give your gin rummy skills a workout with this online version of the classic card game. Can you beat each and every last one of these virtual opponents? Some of them are good enough to challenge even the craftiest of card sharks.

  • Superhero Girl Maker
    Superhero Girl Maker
    Played 35 times

    This girl just got super powers! Now she’s getting ready to protect her city from the forces of evil. Before she gets started, she’ll need to create a cool costume. Can you help her design one that will strike fear into her enemies and inspire her fellow citizens to do good in this super-heroic dress up game for girls?

  • 3D Solitaire
    3D Solitaire
    Played 755 times

    What secrets and treasures will you find within this ancient temple? Match up the numbers and suits as quickly as you can in this 3D version of the classic card game and you’ll find out!

  • Star Stable
    Star Stable
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  • BFF: Moto Jacket Trend
    BFF: Moto Jacket Trend
    Played 304 times

    Music and motorcycles are a fashion statement for the two stylish girls in this online dress up game. Help them choose the perfect playlist before they decide on some outfits and accessories that would be great for a road trip on their bikes. They’re born to be wild!

  • Celebrity Online Stories
    Celebrity Online Stories
    Played 799 times

    This famous pop star wants to track down some awesome outfits for the next few days. She needs one for a huge concert at the arena and something that would be totally perfect for an awards show. Then, once that’s all done, she’ll want an outfit that’s comfy and cool for a relaxing day off. Can you help her choose what to wear and how to do her hair in this makeover and dress up game for girls?

  • Game Of Bows
    Game Of Bows
    Played 924 times

    Only one archer will survive each one of these dangerous duels. Challenge other gamers from all over the world and test the true might of your bow. Can you plug them full of arrows before they send you to your grave in this multiplayer action game?

  • Around the World: Japan Street Fashion
    Around the World: Japan Street Fashion
    Played 556 times

    Welcome to Japan! This fashionable girl is ready to teach you about some of her nation’s coolest, cutest and craziest styles in this online dress up game. In return, you can give her your best fashion tips while she tries out new makeup and outfits that are totally kawaii!

  • Basket Monsterz
    Basket Monsterz
    Played 1731 times

    Some of history’s most fearsome villains are about to go head to head in this wild basketball game. You can jump on the court with this group of awesome aliens and maniacal monsters as they play a little one-on-one and attempt to sink tons of baskets.

  • Penguin Word Twist
    Penguin Word Twist
    Played 1080 times

    These wacky penguins are making a big splash in this bathtub, but they also love word games. Can you help them figure out each one of these challenging puzzles while they try to improve their vocabulary?

  • Natalie and Olivia's Social Media Adventure
    Natalie and Olivia's Social Media Adventure
    Played 478 times

    Natalie and Olivia are looking for a new hobby so they’ve decided to dive into the world of social media and fashion. You can help them take on daily style challenges while they share their outfits online in this dress up game for girls.

  • Best Classic Pyramid Solitaire
    Best Classic Pyramid Solitaire
    Played 1523 times

    Step up to this card table and find out how fast you can connect all of the suits and numbers. Will you make it to the top of each one of the pyramids in this challenging version of the classic card game?

  • Ivy League Princesses
    Ivy League Princesses
    Played 665 times

    Princesses Belle and Rapunzel are going to an Ivy League college! Can you help them prepare?

  • Rolling Sky 3D
    Rolling Sky 3D
    Played 7758 times

    This marble definitely likes to live on the edge! Can you prevent it from falling off the side of the tracks you’ll find in this intense 3D action game? There’s also tons of barriers and gaps that you’ll need to watch out for as well.

  • Become a Nurse
    Become a Nurse
    Played 1450 times

    Working as a nurse can definitely be a challenge. You can spend time with this one while she treats her patients in this online medical and caring game. A few of them are dealing with lice and minor injuries while others are fighting some pretty serious illnesses.

  • Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator 3D
    Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator 3D
    Played 2385 times

    These animals have escaped from the local zoo and they’re ready to hit the town...literally! You can tag along with them while they tear through backyards, parks, gas stations and more in this totally wild simulation game. How much havoc will you cause?

  • Princesses Postcard Maker
    Princesses Postcard Maker
    Played 759 times

    Each one of these princesses wants to make her very own postcard. Can you help them choose what to wear before their photos are taken? They could also use your design tips while they decide how to decorate the postcards and what messages to put on them too in this online game for girls.

  • Match Masters
    Match Masters
    Played 2272 times
  • Princess Blog: Travel Fashion
    Princess Blog: Travel Fashion
    Played 548 times

    This princess’ blog about her travels and favorite fashions is really starting to take off! You can help her write her next post in this online game for girls. Lend her your fashion tips while she decides what to wear during her latest series of adventures. You can also help her choose which exotic location she should visit next.