Cute Games

  • From Ugly to Pretty
    From Ugly to Pretty
    Played 175715 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Woobies
    Played 142696 times

    These adorable little fur balls are trapped! Use your aim and skill to free them, and be the Woobies' hero!

  • Cute Pet Hospital
    Cute Pet Hospital
    Played 6284 times

    Nobody likes to see their precious pets in pain!

  • Baby Animal Shelter
    Baby Animal Shelter
    Played 4178 times

    Pamper these bouncing bundles of joy—then release them back into the wild!

  • Cutest Cat Contest
    Cutest Cat Contest
    Played 3706 times

    These adorable felines will need a lot of primping and pampering if they’re gonna win the top prize...

  • My Baby Unicorn 2
    My Baby Unicorn 2
    Played 3436 times

    Swaddle this bundle of unicorn joy in style!

  • Cute Baby Nursery
    Cute Baby Nursery
    Played 3200 times

    If only babies were always this clear about what they wanted...

  • Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Played 3120 times

    Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

  • My Cute Pets 2
    My Cute Pets 2
    Played 3001 times

    How long can you keep your cute pets--the kitten, puppy, hamster, and bunny--happy?

  • Pet Creator
    Pet Creator
    Played 2897 times

    Loyal as a dog, clean as a cat, and as cute as a squirrel—create your perfect pet!

  • Bear Family Coloring
    Bear Family Coloring
    Played 2692 times

    Bring this cute bear family to life with color!

  • Doggy Daycare
    Doggy Daycare
    Played 2485 times

    This poor little puppy has had it rough, so you'd better give him all your love!

  • Pet Sledding
    Pet Sledding
    Played 1926 times

    It's a slippery slope for these cute little pets: the more they sled, the more Christmas presents they get!

  • Sue's Clothing Maker
    Sue's Clothing Maker
    Played 1754 times

    Can you sew these cute clothes together correctly for Sue?

  • Vanora’s Cute Orchard
    Vanora’s Cute Orchard
    Played 1715 times

    These tutti fruttis are ripe and ready to be picked!

  • Doll Make Up
    Doll Make Up
    Played 1487 times

    Choose the nicest make-up for this cute little doll!

  • Cute Fashion Star
    Cute Fashion Star
    Played 1236 times

    These teeny-weeny, high-maintenance fashion models give new meaning to the term "short-tempered"!

  • Pink Dollhouse Decoration 3
    Pink Dollhouse Decoration 3
    Played 766 times

    Find a place for everything inside this cute little pink dollhouse.

  • Cuti's Diner Game
    Cuti's Diner Game
    Played 569 times

    Cutis lose their cute when upset, so your service better be perfect!

  • Kawaii Doll
    Kawaii Doll
    Played 475 times

    Make her cute or make her crazy. We recommend crazy.

  • Bunnies and Eggs
    Bunnies and Eggs
    Played 465 times

    Try to get all of the cute bunnies safely to the other side!

  • Pet Monster Creator
    Pet Monster Creator
    Played 461 times

    It's your choice: a cute and cuddly companion or a sinister-looking sidekick?

  • Pocket Creature: Hidden Objects
    Pocket Creature: Hidden Objects
    Played 386 times

    Crank up the fun and seek with a cute pocket-creature companion!

  • Baby Bathing Time to Sleep
    Baby Bathing Time to Sleep
    Played 381 times

    Rub-a dub-dub get that baby in the tub!

  • Dino Babies
    Dino Babies
    Played 296 times

    Wait for your baby to hatch, give it food and milk and lull it to sleep.

  • Anime Dress Up 2
    Anime Dress Up 2
    Played 276 times

    Pick the cutest style for this anime girl!

  • Pretty Cure 1
    Pretty Cure 1
    Played 270 times

    The legendary warriors are about to save the planet from monsters, but they need to fix their outfits first.

  • Cute Animal Quiz
    Cute Animal Quiz
    Played 246 times

    Which adorable little animal are you?

  • Kawaii Beauty Dress Up
    Kawaii Beauty Dress Up
    Played 231 times

    Can you help this girl create a super cute outfit that’s super perfect for springtime?

  • Anime Dress Up 4
    Anime Dress Up 4
    Played 154 times

    Dress this cute cartoon character girl up in a gorgeous long gown!

  • Cutey Cubes
    Cutey Cubes
    Played 151 times

    Cuteness is like a virus…stamp it out before it makes you sick!

  • Cute Zoo Coloring
    Cute Zoo Coloring
    Played 135 times

    Help the monkey, elephant, lion, giraffe, tiger, and penguin pose for a silly family zoo portrait!

  • Cute Animals Dress Up
    Cute Animals Dress Up
    Played 132 times

    Can these cuddly critters get any cuter? That's in your hands.

  • Maganic Wars
    Maganic Wars
    Played 111 times

    Choose the card you want to use and click on the execute button to play your turn.

  • Cartoon Painting
    Cartoon Painting
    Played 110 times

    These cute little creatures would like to be painted, can you help them?

  • My Cute Pets
    My Cute Pets
    Played 103 times

    Take good care of your cute pets, the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy?