Car Games

  • Freeway Fallguy
    Freeway Fallguy
    Played 2857 times

    The problem with car surfing is that, when you fall, you don't go splash—you go splat!

  • Bombay Taxi
    Bombay Taxi
    Played 2542 times

    These tight taxis need to fit in tight spots, and Indian guides are in need of your skills. Can you get the parking spots without slamming the other cars?

  • 4x4 Rally
    4x4 Rally
    Played 13 times

    Be fast and finish each level in one of the first three positions to get to the next level.

  • Car Park Challenge
    Car Park Challenge
    Played 91049 times

    Find a parking place and park your car carefully!

  • Uphill Rush
    Uphill Rush
    Played 24980 times

    Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!

  • Mission Racing
    Mission Racing
    Played 41 times

    Get your hands a little dirty behind the wheel and you can help your uncle out of some unwanted connections.

  • Fire Truck 2
    Fire Truck 2
    Played 5685 times

    There's no obstacle you can't tackle when there's a fire to get to.

  • Mini Car Racer
    Mini Car Racer
    Played 576 times

    Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

  • A Small Car 2
    A Small Car 2
    Played 205 times

    Still hard to control...and still tons of fun!

  • Car Eats Car
    Car Eats Car
    Played 2724 times

    Fight your way to the finish in this demolition derby gone wild!

  • Heat Rush
    Heat Rush
    Played 47568 times

    Tick-tock goes the clock...

  • Monster Truck vs. Forest
    Monster Truck vs. Forest
    Played 661 times

    Mother Nature will not be impressed...

  • Monster Truck Destroyer
    Monster Truck Destroyer
    Played 7767 times

    Don’t drive around your opponents. Drive over them.

  • Extreme Off Road Cars
    Extreme Off Road Cars
    Played 1980 times

    Get ready to go off road with this thrilling 3D racing game. Just pick out a truck or an RV and get ready to blaze a trail. You can buy upgrades between levels that will help you keep on tops of things during tougher competitions.

  • Rich Cars 3
    Rich Cars 3
    Played 2597 times

    Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

  • Truck Mania
    Truck Mania
    Played 6145 times

    A trucker's gotta hold onto his cargo through all types of terrain...

  • Training Race
    Training Race
    Played 1486 times

    Will you beat the other drivers to every finish line in this intense 3D racing game? Choose a car and get ready to put the pedal to the metal in each one of these cool competitions.

  • Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams
    Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams
    Played 1707 times

    He’s a little car in a big, bad world full of nightmarish trucks. Can he find his way back home?

  • Bad Roads Trucks
    Bad Roads Trucks
    Played 53 times

    Driving a monster truck is awesome, even in the dark! Can you get this one all the way to the finish lines on each one of these dangerous tracks even though it’s long past sunset? Collect coins along the way to buy upgrades in this freaky and fun racing game.

  • Dead Paradise 2
    Dead Paradise 2
    Played 774 times

    It’s been ten long years since the bombs first fell. The race for survival begins now.

  • Grand Prix Go 2
    Grand Prix Go 2
    Played 467 times

    Burn some rubber in a super-fast race car and see if you can dominate the circuit.

  • Death Chase Racing
    Death Chase Racing
    Played 1798 times

    Will you make it to the finish lines of each one of these totally insane tracks? These death matches aren’t for the faint of heart! You’ll be racing through loops and pounding through walls while you compete against your opponents in this outrageous racing game. Just be sure to collect coins while you drive so you can buy upgrades between events.

  • Awesome Cars
    Awesome Cars
    Played 121 times

    You’ve got no brakes, an explosive fuel tank, and it’ll take a flip to get this car into Nitro. Awesome.

  • Desert Rally
    Desert Rally
    Played 751 times

    This rally is one of the toughest in the world. Can you stay on track, literally? Fight your way towards the finish line in this intense racing game.

  • Mountain Monster
    Mountain Monster
    Played 1456 times

    King of the Mountain? That’s an honor you’ll have to earn…

  • Wheely 2
    Wheely 2
    Played 14232 times

    The adorable automobile is back in action. This time around, he’s on a quest for love.

  • Super Car Wash
    Super Car Wash
    Played 1182 times

    Which one of these super cute pink cars would you like to wash today?

  • Paintball Racing
    Paintball Racing
    Played 403 times

    Can you reach the finish line without getting bombarded by tons of paint?

  • Super Rally Challenge
    Super Rally Challenge
    Played 10665 times

    Blast down one of these awesomely off-road courses and see if you can make it to the finish line.

  • Mad Gear Exclusive
    Mad Gear Exclusive
    Played 327 times

    Kick things into high gear with this 3D racing game. Choose from all of the cool vehicles in this garage before you get ready to race. You can upgrade your ride with custom features between competitions.

  • Highway Squad
    Highway Squad
    Played 186 times

    Chase those who would dare to go over the speed limit in this thrilling racing game, Highway Squad. You're a law enforcement officer with the power and skills to take down these law breaking racers, so show them who's boss!

  • Busman 2 HD
    Busman 2 HD
    Played 19641 times

    Can you reverse park your bus into each of the bays? It’s not easy when you have such a long vehicle

  • Car Challenger
    Car Challenger
    Played 20225 times

    A thrilling racing challenge is about to begin. Jump behind the wheel and get ready to drive like mad in this 3D racing game. Just pick out your favorite car before you head to the starting line.

  • Street Race 3
    Street Race 3
    Played 35527 times
  • V8 Muscle Cars
    V8 Muscle Cars
    Played 710 times

    Hey petrolheads, get right on track with a V8 muscle car. Choose your wheels and explore the dusty desert or are you on the road to nowhere? Unlock new tracks, earn cash to turbo charge your ride. Upgrade your suspension and take a wild ride with danger to beat your opponents in this cool vintage racing game. Fasten your seat belt...if you dare!

  • Circus Freaks Showdown
    Circus Freaks Showdown
    Played 48 times

    It’s this clown’s day off from work, the weather outside is fantastic and he’s ready to roll. He managed to borrow a wacky car from his circus and now he’s blasting down the highway. Unfortunately, it’s filled with tons of angry pigs on motorcycles. Help keep him safe while he collects tons of coins in this crazy racing game.

Get behind the wheel without leaving your location. All you need is your computer, tablet, or mobile phone and our extensive catalog of auto-centric games. All these games have cars in common, but there are a ton of different ways to play. You can practice your virtual driving, your parking, and car stunts, of course. But you'll also find games where your sharp eye is needed for some object hunting, your time-management skills to run a garage, or your engineering skills to build bridges. Some of the games are cute, some funny, some badass (or a combination of all three)—however you like to play it, car lovers, we've got the perfect car game for you. All our games are offered online for free. They are hand-selected to appeal to a wide range of family members, from kids to adults. No matter your mood you'll find the best way to spin your wheels here. Browse the full catalog to find your perfect playtime adventure. (New games are added all the time!) Soon you'll be driving your own four-wheeled escape.