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Survivor In Rainbow Monster

In Survivor in Rainbow Monster, your goal is to survive five nights in Spooky Park, which is full of monsters. Can you complete the assignments every night without getting caught?

How to play Survivor in Rainbow Monster

Spooky Park is haunted by monster robots, and you have been kidnapped by them while on a school trip… You will need to hide from them and escape the park safely!

In this multiplayer game, every night comes with new challenges that you will need to complete with your classmates. For example, Red Monster asks you to bring him items and isn’t dangerous as long as you do so, while Green Monster can hear you sneaking around and will try to catch you with his long arms.

The game controls

Run around with the arrow keys, and use the space button to hide from the monsters.

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Who created Survivor in Rainbow Monster?

Survivor in Rainbow Monster was developed by Bin Studio, and the mobile version was released by Great Arcade Games.

Release date

The web version of this game was released on April 20, 2023. The Android version came out on October 22, 2023.