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Silly Ways to Get Infected

The coronavirus is spreading fast all across the world! Play Silly Ways to Get Infected and learn how to avoid getting sick while you help out some very clumsy creatures.

They're always getting into trouble, which means they’ll really need to stay on their toes during the pandemic in this funny and challenging Silly Ways to Die game. Can you help them remain happy and healthy? 

You’ll need to show the creatures how to use hand sanitizer, practice proper social distancing, and avoid sneezing in each other's faces! They might even find themselves trying to outrun huge mutant versions of the virus! 

Dumb Ways to Die: Original and Life: The Game are two more hilarious simulation games that you should check out. 

How to Play Silly Ways to Get Infected?

Silly Ways to Get Infected is a virus killing game. Help the creatures avoid getting sick or, worse yet, infecting their friends!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for ways to help the creatures. 
  • LEFT CLICK to use tissues, bottles of hand sanitizer, and more!

Who Developed Silly Ways to Get Infected?

Silly Ways to Get Infected was created by Azerion, a gaming company in the Netherlands.