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Mystic Mahjongg

Mystic Mahjongg is a 3D mahjong game with rotatable tile arrangements, a mysterious ambiance and intriguing tile designs.

How to play Mystic Mahjongg?

Tap the matching tiles to remove them from the cluster in the middle. The aim is to keep going until you have cleared away all of the blocks. You can only remove tiles that are not blocked by other stones and can be pulled out of the tile arrangement at the corners.

To look for matching playable tiles, you can also rotate the cluster of blocks by tapping the arrows displayed on either side. Each tap will rotate the cluster a quarter turn.

Game Controls

  • Tap on the tiles to select them
  • Tap on the arrows to rotate the cluster

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Who created Mystic Mahjongg?

Mystic Mahjongg was created by Full HP Ltd.

When was Mystic Mahjongg first released?

This game was first released on January 23, 2024.