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Jump Dunk

Jump Dunk is a skill-based sports game in which you have to complete various challenging shots involving basketball, trampolining, buckets, crazy front flips, and more!

How to play Jump Dunk?

In this basketball game, your stickman is jumping up and down on a trampoline while trying to shoot some hoops. Choose the right moment to shoot the ball. If you manage to throw it into the bucket, you can bounce along to the next trampoline.

The first couple levels will allow you to figure out how the game works, before you’re joined by other players. Once the competition arrives, the aim is to throw the balls into the buckets, advance along the track with cool jumps and front flips, and complete all the challenges before your opponent does.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Left click to throw the ball

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Who developed Jump Dunk?

Jump Dunk was developed by 2Play.