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Dynamons 4

Explore new territory in the exciting world of Dynamons 4. You can roam the entire coast in search of new pocket monsters in this fourth chapter of the popular Dynamons series.

Costa Guesta is a tropical paradise where you will find a lot of cool new Dynamons. How many can you catch in this RPG game? Start your journey on the beach, where you'll meet your first challenger for a Dynamon battle!

One of the coaches will show you how to catch and train Dynamons. Players already familiar with the Dynamons exploration games can use this short training session as a refresher. After that, you can start looking for wild pocket monsters right away. Search for Hopchops, Grubbles, Wingers, and even the somewhat rare Duxedoes - a duck-like creature with a stylish appearance and powerful sonic shockwave attack.

Save up Shards to upgrade your Dynamons so they can evolve. And don't forget to collect as many coins as you can. You can use these during the course of the game to buy useful gadgets and other items. Use them to teach your Dynamons how to spit fire, for example.

Embark on a long journey full of adventure. Challenge other Dynamon Captains, unlock new talents and cool skills, and visit every corner of Costa Guesta to complete your collection.

How to play Dynamons 4?

Visit the beautiful Costa Guesta and collect all kinds of Dynamons. Train them to make them stronger. Fight the teams of other Dynamon trainers in this adventure game. Which new Dynamon species will you catch next on this trip? Keep expanding your Dynamon Team with more unique creatures!

Game controls

  • Use the MOUSE to play
  • LEFT CLICK to choose your Dynamons, attack, select items, and more

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Who created Dynamons 4?

Dynamons 4 was made by MoonMana.