Movie Games

  • Cinderella: Real Haircuts
    Cinderella: Real Haircuts
    Played 311 times

    This princess has really allowed her hair to go totally wild. Let’s create a new hairdo for her.

  • Orc Attack
    Orc Attack
    Played 113 times

    Join Legolas and his friends as they battle hordes of orcs that threaten Middle Earth.

  • Movie Date
    Movie Date
    Played 1727 times

    This couple is heading to the cinema tonight. What should they wear though?

  • Tammy Jo Superstar
    Tammy Jo Superstar
    Played 484 times

    This could be Tammy Jo’s big break. Could you help her become a pop sensation?

  • Movie Munchies
    Movie Munchies
    Played 957 times

    It’s really busy at the cinema today and all the moviegoers want lots of snacks. Can you keep up with them?

  • Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Played 672 times

    Jennifer’s on the set of the new Hunger Games movie and she needs a stylist. Are you available?

  • Famous Filthy Kids
    Famous Filthy Kids
    Played 167 times

    These tots got a little dirty while pretending to be their favorite movie characters. Help them clean up.

  • Selena Gomez: True Makeup
    Selena Gomez: True Makeup
    Played 966 times

    Selena is trying out some different types of makeup. Which colors do you think look great on her?

  • Fortz
    Played 3163 times

    The enemy is about to begin an airstrike. Quick, get to the fort and defend it!

  • Plagueheart
    Played 25 times

    An enchanted army is attacking the kingdom. Only you, and a whole lot of magic, can stop it.

  • Toothless Flu Doctor
    Toothless Flu Doctor
    Played 27 times

    Toothless the dragon isn’t feeling his beastly best today. Can you help him feel better?

  • Mary Lou's Movie Munchies
    Mary Lou's Movie Munchies
    Played 1706 times

    You just got hired at the coolest drive-in theater in town but can you keep up with all of these customers?

  • Movie Princess Dress Up
    Movie Princess Dress Up
    Played 269 times

    Help this actress look totally awesome for a walk down the red carpet at her next movie premiere.

  • Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Played 1058 times

    The young actress could really use some help with her blush and eyeshadow today.

  • Vanessa Hudgens: True Makeup
    Vanessa Hudgens: True Makeup
    Played 940 times

    This star of High School: The Musical could really use a little help with her cosmetics.

  • Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Played 504 times

    This famous actress is searching for a whole new look. Do you have any ideas for her?

  • So Sakura: Movie Star
    So Sakura: Movie Star
    Played 332 times

    These Hollywood beauticians could really use a hand with their latest client.

  • Cinema Rush
    Cinema Rush
    Played 5302 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Jennifer Lawrence Makeover
    Jennifer Lawrence Makeover
    Played 35 times

    Rake in rave reviews for this all-American actress!

  • Paula Paparazzi
    Paula Paparazzi
    Played 587 times

    Help a celebrity gossip magazine get the REAL scoop, in all its juicy glory!

  • Podium Girl Dress Up
    Podium Girl Dress Up
    Played 48 times

    If you're up on the podium, you gotta look fabulous!

  • Beauty Salon Makeover
    Beauty Salon Makeover
    Played 1816 times

    Makeovers are like art: they start with a clean canvas.

  • Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Red Carpet Perfect Dress Up
    Played 927 times

    This Hollywood honey needs your help!

  • Twilight Celebrity Puzzle
    Twilight Celebrity Puzzle
    Played 181 times

    You might have the Twilight movie lines memorized...but how about Edward's face?

  • Twilight Celebrity Makeover
    Twilight Celebrity Makeover
    Played 237 times

    It’s every Twi-hard’s dream come true. Your fave celebs need some serious styling!

  • Perez & Teddy Hilton: Red Carpet
    Perez & Teddy Hilton: Red Carpet
    Played 33 times

    Buzzworthy or just blah?

  • Harry Potter Dress Up
    Harry Potter Dress Up
    Played 194 times

    Dress Harry and Hermione for a magical melee!

  • Edward Cullen Dress Up
    Edward Cullen Dress Up
    Played 17 times

    Edward's always charming, but when well-dressed he's absolutely irresistible!

  • Emma Watson's Spells Dress Up
    Emma Watson's Spells Dress Up
    Played 43 times

    Emma doesn't need a spell to look elegant—all she needs is your help!

  • Film Maker Decoration
    Film Maker Decoration
    Played 352 times

    You don't need a big budget to create a fantastic film!

  • Red Carpet Paparazzi Dress Up
    Red Carpet Paparazzi Dress Up
    Played 41 times

    No one ever said it's easy to be the center of attention, but who doesn't want to be on the red carpet?

  • ATV Offroad Thunder
    ATV Offroad Thunder
    Played 817 times

    The more style in your stunts, the more awesome your off-road action!

  • ATV Uphill Racing
    ATV Uphill Racing
    Played 333 times

    Get rough with the rocky desert on your trick-ready ATV.

  • ATV Extreme
    ATV Extreme
    Played 59 times

    Will you impress with sweet stunts, or embarrass yourself by falling on your head?

  • Girl In Hollywood
    Girl In Hollywood
    Played 384 times

    For a movie star, it's a constant round of new sets and costumes!

  • Academy Award Dress Up
    Academy Award Dress Up
    Played 206 times

    Make a true fashion statement on the red carpet!

    • Paparazzi Princess
      Paparazzi Princess
      Played 116 times

      The key to looking perfect in every magazine is knowing where the paparazzi are waiting.

    • MovieStar
      Played 1299 times

      Do you have what it takes to live the life of a movie star?

    • Remote Control
      Remote Control
      Played 2222 times

      Move the remote toward the TV, change the channel, and don't get caught!

    • Angelina Jolie Make Up
      Angelina Jolie Make Up
      Played 57 times

      Give movie star Angelina Jolie a fabulous makeover!

    • Movie Couple Dress Up
      Movie Couple Dress Up
      Played 27 times

      Select clothes, body options and hair for this couple.

    • Cameron Diaz Dress Up
      Cameron Diaz Dress Up
      Played 27 times

      Select the most suitable outfit for Cameron.

    • Movie Maker
      Movie Maker
      Played 455 times

      Become Stephen Spielberg and shoot the best movies ever!