Celebrity Games

  • Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends
    Taylor Swift Ex Boyfriends
    Played 141 times

    Taylor Swift had her fair share of disappointing dates! Help her with a clever revenge plan to set things straight. Cut Harry Styles favorite shirts to shreds, rip up pictures or smash Johns phone with a hammer. Oh wait, what about writing a revenge song for Jake Gyllenhaal? It's so much fun to shake it off!

  • Celebrity Hunt
    Celebrity Hunt
    Played 117 times
  • One Direction: Dental Surgery
    One Direction: Dental Surgery
    Played 297 times

    The boys haven’t been brushing well during their latest concert tour. Let’s get them to a dentist...

  • Popstar Princess
    Popstar Princess
    Played 513 times

    This famous singer is about to go out on tour and she needs an awesome outfit or two. Can you help her?

  • Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Jennifer Lawrence: True Makeup
    Played 656 times

    Jennifer’s on the set of the new Hunger Games movie and she needs a stylist. Are you available?

  • Famous Filthy Kids
    Famous Filthy Kids
    Played 166 times

    These tots got a little dirty while pretending to be their favorite movie characters. Help them clean up.

  • Celeb Style Dress Up
    Celeb Style Dress Up
    Played 447 times

    This posh girl wants to dress like her favorite celebs. Help her find the perfect outfit.

  • Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Dakota Fanning: True Makeup
    Played 1039 times

    The young actress could really use some help with her blush and eyeshadow today.

  • Katy Perry Makeover
    Katy Perry Makeover
    Played 97 times

    Katy thought she’d tried every style in the book…until she went to YOUR salon!

  • Harry Styles Dress-Up
    Harry Styles Dress-Up
    Played 72 times

    Think you’ve got the skills to style Mr. Styles? Go on, give it a go!

  • Demi Lovato Makeover
    Demi Lovato Makeover
    Played 43 times

    Demi’s desperate for a new stylist…can you help?

  • Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Amanda Seyfried: True Makeup
    Played 499 times

    This famous actress is searching for a whole new look. Do you have any ideas for her?

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui at the Dentist
    Emmanuelle Chriqui at the Dentist
    Played 41 times

    Emmanuelle hasn’t been to the dentist in ages. Her teeth are so bad, she’s scared to smile. Fix them fast!

  • Emmanuelle Chriqui Make-Up
    Emmanuelle Chriqui Make-Up
    Played 1 times

    Emmanuelle’s sick of her current style. She wants something edgy but elegant. Work your magic!

  • Rihanna Fantasy Haircuts
    Rihanna Fantasy Haircuts
    Played 23 times

    Wow…this salon takes hairstyling to the next level. No wonder it’s Rihanna’s favorite!

  • Ashley Tisdale Makeover
    Ashley Tisdale Makeover
    Played 18 times

    The star of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody could use a new look. Got any ideas?

  • Justin Bieber: Perfect Teeth
    Justin Bieber: Perfect Teeth
    Played 567 times

    Justin Bieber’s been too busy to brush on his latest tour. Ew! Help him win back his perfect smile.

  • Hannah Montana at the Dentist
    Hannah Montana at the Dentist
    Played 390 times

    It’s been a while since Hannah was last at the dentist. Grab a drill and get to work.

  • One Direction Pac-Man
    One Direction Pac-Man
    Played 1423 times

    Avoid the ghosts and collect all five members of One Direction in this rockin' version of the classic game.

  • Care Bears: Firefly Catch
    Care Bears: Firefly Catch
    Played 22 times

    Chase fireflies for Wonderheart's awesome new nightlight!

  • The Prince Edward
    The Prince Edward
    Played 80 times

    The young prince is a cheeky chap with his own naughty quest: it’s your job to help him make mischief.

  • Belen Rodriguez Makeover
    Belen Rodriguez Makeover
    Played 53 times

    The Argentine supermodel needs YOU as her stylist.

  • Beyoncé Makeover
    Beyoncé Makeover
    Played 61 times

    This star is crazy in love with makeovers.

  • One Direction in Concert Makeover
    One Direction in Concert Makeover
    Played 298 times

    Finally! Here's your chance to get your hands on One Direction!

  • Real Haircuts: Justin Bieber
    Real Haircuts: Justin Bieber
    Played 502 times

    When you cut hair for a handsome celebrity like Justin Bieber, the pressure is on...

  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Makeover
    Twilight: Breaking Dawn Makeover
    Played 583 times

    Everyone knows that a newly-made vampire needs a killer new look.

  • Celeb Dinner Date
    Celeb Dinner Date
    Played 1216 times

    Justin, Johnny, or Robert—who'll be your secret celeb date?

  • Selena Gomez Makeover
    Selena Gomez Makeover
    Played 84 times

    If you had a date with Justin Bieber, what would you wear?

  • Justin Bieber Makeover
    Justin Bieber Makeover
    Played 84 times

    Justin Bieber with purple hair and earrings?! Never say never...

  • Jennifer Aniston Makeover
    Jennifer Aniston Makeover
    Played 17 times

    Wanted: A super stylist for a superstar—her career is in your hands.

  • Glee Celebrity Puzzle
    Glee Celebrity Puzzle
    Played 270 times

    Check out this puzzling tribute to the smash-hit musical drama, Glee!

  • Rihanna Makeover
    Rihanna Makeover
    Played 20 times

    Rihanna’s a fashion leader, not a follower. Can you create a look worthy of this style queen?

  • Adele Makeover
    Adele Makeover
    Played 28 times

    Adele’s been waiting for Someone Like You to Turn the Tables on her style. Don’t give her the Cold Shoulder!

  • Beckham Celebrity Makeover
    Beckham Celebrity Makeover
    Played 352 times

    David Beckham is a star on the field, but on the red carpet he needs help matching Victoria’s designer style!

  • Beckham Celebrity Puzzle
    Beckham Celebrity Puzzle
    Played 42 times

    World-famous soccer player David Beckham and his posh wife, Victoria, are in pieces!

  • Vanessa Hudgens Makeover
    Vanessa Hudgens Makeover
    Played 22 times

    High school’s SO last season…so give Vanessa a sophisticated new style!