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TicToc Braided Hairstyles

TicToc Braided Hairstyles is a cute hairdressing game. Can you help the stylist give Regina and Kiki the perfect braids? Select a cool style for each girl, comb and braid their hair, and complete their look with a cute and stylish outfit.

How to play TicToc Braided Hairstyles?

You’re a hairstylist in Brian’s salon. Help each girl choose a braided hairstyle that looks great on her. Apply moisturizer for strong, healthy hair before you start braiding. Use some edge control gel to create neat partings and perfect edges.

After combing out and braiding each strand, you can decorate each hairstyle with beautiful hair jewelry. Complete her look by choosing a whole new outfit to match her new style.

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Who created TicToc Braided Hairstyles?

TicToc Braided Hairstyles was created by Gamerina. 

When was TicToc Braided Hairstyles first released?

This game was first released on May 23, 2024.