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Step up to the table and see if you've got what it takes to dominate your opponents. Can you master SlingShot?

You’ll need a sharp eye and quick hands to conquer the players you’ll be going up against in this fast-paced skill game. Show off your swift reflexes while you conquer everybody from skateboarders to businessmen in this unique spin on air hockey, the classic arcade game. You can also challenge up to four other gamers all at the same time!

How to Play SlingShot?

SlingShot is an intense sports game. The goal is to slide your discs across the center of the table. If all of your discs make it into your opponents' territories, you’ll win the game.

Game Controls

Player 1

PRESS W to slide a disc.

Player 2

PRESS G to slide a disc.

Player 3

PRESS K to slide a disc.

Player 4

PRESS P to slide a disc.

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Who Developed SlingShot?

SlingShot was created by HitGames.