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Santa Christmas Delivery

It's going to be a very busy night in Santa Christmas Delivery! How many presents can you drop off in this challenging Christmas game?

A mysterious bandit has appeared in the skies over this small town. He's got his own flying sleigh and he's determined to ruin Christmas in this action game! Whoever this is, he's a mean one and he won’t stop until Santa crashes. Team up with Santa while he drops off gifts, avoids the bandit, and grabs cash and upgrades along the way.

How to Play Santa Christmas Delivery?

Santa Christmas Delivery is a fun and festive adventure game. Help Santa avoid a sinister saboteur who also has a flying sleigh while he attempts to make his deliveries.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to guide Santa's sleigh.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to use a speed booster.

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Who Developed Santa Christmas Delivery?

Santa Christmas Delivery was created by Vitality Games.