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Knights and Brides
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Knights and Brides

A kingdom full of excitement awaits you in Knights and Brides!

Today is the day of your sixteenth birthday, and that means a whole heaping load of responsibility is about to get dumped onto your shoulders. The first thing to do in this MMO game? Decide if you’ll be playing as, well, a knight or a bride!

Fortune will favor the bold if you join forces with a knight, but becoming a bride won't be a cakewalk either. She’ll need to take care of an entire estate in this strategy game! Choose your path and begin your first task. There’s no telling where your destiny will take you as you enter a world full of might and magic!

Search for resources, explore the map, and work on a variety of projects. You might find yourself stuck on the side of a mountain in the fog after a journey on an airship, in the middle of a complex courtship, or embarking on an even more exciting adventure!

How to Play Knights and Brides?

Play as a courageous knight or a bold bride in this social game. A variety of tasks and adventures are about to begin!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you explore the map and navigate through the menus.
  • LEFT CLICK to begin projects, select items, and more.

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Who Developed Knights and Brides?

Knights and Brides was created by Plinga Gmbh.